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Door Hanger Advertisement: A Creative Way To Reach The Audience’s Home

Brand awareness is critical for businesses that want to reach deeper into their respective markets. According to Baer, a performance marketing company, brand awareness drives repeat purchases, and it expands the market share of the business. As such, businesses need creative marketing tactics like door hanger advertisement to spread its brand wider.

How does door hanger advertisement work?

Door hanger advertisement is an ambient marketing concept that seeks to ‘ambush’ the target audience with ads. The thesis of ambient marketing is to place ads “at unusual places or unconventional places.” Such places are those where people do not expect to see an ad and, if they see it, they engage with it better than they would anywhere else.
Across cities in the US, and elsewhere the world over, guesthouses have door hangers to remind clients of their rooms. Advertisers can take advantage of the strategic presence of the door hangers to run a marketing campaign. The first thing to do is to print the message and the company logo on both sides of the door hanger. Then, the advertiser delivers the door hangers to guesthouses and private residential areas where the target audience resides. For each household that receives the door hanger, one is certain that close to half of them will make a direct action.

Advantages over traditional avenues

Carrying outdoor hanger advertisement has certain significant advantages over traditional mediums. First, the cost of producing and delivering the door hangers to the target locations is low.
Door Hanger Advertisement

Door Hangers ensures the audience to touch your Ad

Besides affordability, door hangers deliver unmatched visibility for your brand. Assume you are coming from a busy day at work and have to read some emails on the road. That means you could not see hundreds of the billboards that line the road you used. However, you have to take the eyes off your iPhone as you reach for the doorknob to open the door. At that moment, a door hanger with a beautifully printed message and logo pops into your sight. Can you miss it?
The high visibility of door hangers drives high brand engagement rates. Usually, the more extended customers engage with the brand, the more likely they will choose it when confronted with numerous options when they are shopping. As such, door hangers deliver high conversion rates that result in increased sales, a larger market share for your business, and overall success for the brand.

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