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Advertising Door Hangers

Advertising Door Hangers are more Effective than Direct Mail

Advertising Door Hangers belongs to the concept of In-the-Hand Advertising. that relies on the placement of advertising in unusual and unexpected places often with unconventional methods and being first or only ad execution to do so. Here the reasons why this method can be more effective than traditional direct mail.

1. Advertising Door Hangers can not be ignored

Differently from direct mail, Door Hanger Advertising is an unconventional way to not get ignored. Usually when you check your mailbox, it is full of advertisements and it gets easily ignored and sent to garbage. Research studies demonstrate that most customers who ignore direct mails is because they receive too many of them every day (Burstein, Marketing Sherpa Study, 2017). Different from direct mail, Door Hangers are unique – you do not receive them every day.
Think about it: over the past week, how many Mail ads or postcards did you receive v.s. Door Hangers?
In addition, Door Hangers can not be ignored because they must be they must be physically removed from the door knot.
Door Hanger Ads

Door Hanger Ads deliver guaranteed impressions as they can not be ignored

2. Advertising Door Hangers can be precisely targeted

The logo and message of the advertiser are printed on door hangers and distributed to the households in the zip code the advertiser selected. With the use of  targeting technology, the demographic profiles can be segmented by income, age, ethnicity, marital status and spend behavior in over 1,000 categories. The segmentation method enables to evaluate annual spend criteria so that the advertiser has a better insight into the spend behavior of the target audience.

3. Advertising Door Hangers are more affordable

One of the major drawbacks associated with direct mail marketing is the overall cost. The advertisers have to pay for the piece to be designed and manufactured, there is also the cost of mailing hundreds or thousands of postcards. Put together, the combined cost may be prohibitive to smaller companies. All this work to have the advertisement from your mail box to the garbage!
Average direct mail costs $0.50-2,00 per unit. For the same cost, the advertiser can deliver Door Hanger Ads to targeted addresses generating larger impact. Door Hangers are also well known as effective In-the-Hand advertising strategy that has been emerging as affordable and effective tactics. In-the-Hand Advertising: the Emerging Media Trend

4. Advertising Door Hangers generate higher brand lift

Direct mail is considered intrusive by most consumers. It is generally quickly tossed into the trash and never thought of again. That is why many consider it junk mail. Additionally, direct mail generally has a very low response rate.
Door Hangers are more effective because the customers are not used to receive it every day – it is unconventional. The unexpected nature of this type of advertisement can surprise people and make them assimilate your message. In order to improve the customer experience, some advertisers include discounts and coupons on the ad. The consumers will be positively surprised if you door hanger brings them value right on their door knot.
In-the-Hand Advertising is a powerful marketing tool that leverage vehicles that consumers touch at daily basis as pizza boxesdrink coasters, prescription bags, coffee cupsshopping bagsdry cleaner hangers.

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