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8 Advertising Trends that all Marketers Should Know

Funny Advertising: Creative Tactics that Work

Funny Advertising methods that work:

Several funny advertising methods have been emerging as low cost and high impact strategies. Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy in which a company uses surprise and/or unconventional interactions in order to promote a product or service. The core principle of the guerrilla approach is to draw attention to the advertising message using something unusual. The surprise effect makes a change in the cognitive activation and enhance assimilation of the message.

Funny Advertising with Consumables

One emerging trend is In-the-Hand Advertising. This concept relies on placing ads on consumables that the target audience can’t ignore as they have to take them in their hands. Such consumables can be: door hangerspizza box toppersprescription bagsdrink coastersCustom Coffee Sleeveshotel key cards.

Door Hanger Advertisement

Why would businesses want to use such a technique? First, door hangers are enabled a personal delivery of the message.  While most ad campaigns suffer from inattention by the target audience, door hangers attract much more attention. It is because individuals encounter the ads in their most serene moments. The advertiser has to ensure the right delivery of door hangers to the targeted addresses.

Coffee Cup Advertising

Coffee Cup Ads are a sub-segment of Ambient Marketing and sometimes recognized as Guerrilla marketing tactics. Ambient media refers to the usage of publicity-grabbing events by utilizing contextual elements of the target groups. The placement of advertising in unusual and unexpected places often with unconventional methods and being first or only ad execution to do so. In-the-Hand ads leverages daily consumables as vehicles / ad spaces to trigger a surprise effect in the audience. These vehicles can be pizza boxesdrink coastersprescription bagscoffee cupsdry cleaner hangersdoor hangers.
Each venue distributes approx. 2,500 coffee cups/month, generating an estimated total of 1.7M impressions. Think this as small moving billboard that the audience will grab and carry it forward. This tactics  places the brand in the hand of consumers. The coffee venues deliver in the hand of the consumer generating an impact up to 70% brand lift.  The advertisement cannot be ignored as the consumer will grab it in their hands. On average, each coffee cup will provide 35 min of exposure since the coffee cup ads provide an additional exposure to other viewers who are in the surrounding. Coffee sleeves can be creative tactics for small business and deliver better results than traditional billboards with high recall rates.

Pharmacy Bag Ads

Healthcare providers that leverage their competitive advantage offer better care to their clients. Nevertheless, the competitive advantage is insignificant if you do not advertise to inform your clients. Typically, healthcare providers compete in terms of the quality of care offered and the cost. As such, the most competitive hospital or healthcare practitioner is the most affordable and with the best quality of care. By advertising, you get more clients, and you grow the top line of your business. Eventually, the higher top-line enables you to improve the competitive advantage of the business. The concept of leveraging prescription bags or pharmacy bags is an effective tool to target healthcare providers since it delivers the message in the hand of consumers.

Coaster Advertising

Bar coaster advertising is a creative option to spread your message in a relaxing environment. The venue places the coasters on the dining or bar tables generating a direct impact on consumer who receives the message in their hands. This is guaranteed impressions, as they have to take the coaster in their hands. Approximately 1,500 coasters/month can be distributed by each venue generating estimated 0.7M of impressions/month. The ‘unusualty’ raises level of interest in consumer and hence their willingness to expend cognitive effort to process message. The concept of using coasters is a unconventional tactics that surprises the audience in a relaxing environment delivering a high brand recall.

Hotel Advertising: Key Card Ads

Hotel venues can be targeted. The advertisement cannot be ignored,  hotel guests must take the keys (and the Ad) in their hands. Each hotel guests views the ad 6-8 times per day. The average hotel will have 115 rooms and 65% average occupancy rate and 3 nights stay (1). This deliver a total reach of 970 guests per hotel and 0.1M impressions per month. This tactics is an effective tool to reach an affluent audience since it places the ad in the hand of consumers and delivers a high brand recall
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