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Door Hanger Advertisements are Ideal to Reach Stay-At-Home Consumers

COVID-19 disrupted a new norm

Governments across the globe are printing trillions of money to bail out many businesses. In the United States, for instance, the Federal’s balance sheet jumped from $4.2 trillion to $7.0 trillion in three months. Indeed, this historical precedent shows the economy is dire. Unfortunately, the future is still uncertain because the current crisis emanates from the spread of COVID-19 disease.
Consequently, eMarketer expects the global ad spend to decline significantly. Earlier, eMarketer had estimated that ad spend would grow to $712 billion in 2020. However, the estimated growth is now down to $691.7 billion, and it might back pedal further. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted normal activities that led to cancelling of major events such as the 2020 Summer Olympics. Particularly, governments want citizens to remain in their homes to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Ideal time for door hanger advertisements

To be sure, the coronavirus pandemic poses grave threat to the survival of the advertisement industry. However, only the traditional advertising media is suffering more. With throngs of people restricted to their living rooms, there is not audience for billboards and other outdoor advertising media. On the contrary, this seems like the best time for door hanger advertisements.
Door hanger advertising is a form of guerilla marketing where marketers place ads on consumers’ doors. Imagine displaying yours ads only to the people who you wish to buy your product! How does it work, though? It begins with custom printing door hangers. Specifically, marketers design a card with a special message to the consumer. Then, distributors deliver the door hangers to specific locations as per the marketer’s desire.

Targeting stay-at-home consumers

The most popular means for reaching consumers in their living rooms is through TV advertising. Nonetheless, many people nowadays to like TV ads, and they even pay extra to exclude them. Rather than spending on TV ads and missing your objectives, door hanger advertisements look like an ideal alternative.

In the first place, this technique has a personal touch. Delivering a door hanger to the consumer’s doorstep connects you with the consumer. In a sense, this interaction increases the likelihood of direct actions. Secondly, door hangers have a surprise element. A consumer would gasp in surprise on seeing a door hanger on the doorknob. As such, the marketer is sure that the consumer will see and engage with the ad.
Lastly, door hangers are low cost and simple to implement. With $100, you can print up to 300 door hangers for distribution. You will never get such an offer from the traditional advertising media.