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Advertising Agencies In NYC Are Seeking Innovative Tactics

New York City is the de facto commercial capital of the world. The city makes up under 1% of the US land area but is responsible for about 8% of its GDP. This is where a majority of America’s Fortune 500 companies have their head offices. As such, competition for any type of business in the city is harsh. For this reason, advertising agencies NYC have to think outside the box to survive.

Why advertising agencies NYC have to innovate

NYC is the most advanced city in terms of business processes and operations. This implies that traditional strategies in any kind of business do not amount to much. For example, the advertising industry is critical for businesses to ensure that their brands are visible enough to the target audience. In a place like New York, businesses exploit every avenue available to ensure that customers see their products.
For example, Route 101 in New York is popular for legendary billboards. The highway’s users are wealthy entrepreneurs and employees who work in New York’s budding tech sector. However, a space on one of these billboards would cost more than $30,000 a month. Digital billboards and all manner of alternative advertising media fills up areas like Time Square.
As such, advertising agencies NYC are having to innovate and come up with novel advertising ideas that are unconventional yet effective. One of these innovative ideas is called ambient marketing. Ambient advertising utilizes unconventional techniques of placement of ads. Such technique places ads at places where the audience least expects.

Ambient marketing is ideal for targeting the exact audience

One of the biggest challenges for out of home (OOH) advertisers is that the audience rarely pays attention to their ads. For drivers, they would rather keep their eyes on the road than check to see what a billboard is saying. Even if some see what the billboard says, they will not pay attention to understand the contents.This is one challenge that in the hand marketing has successfully avoided.
According to this analysis, ambient marketing puts the ad in the hands of the target audience. For example, an advertiser can design an ad and put on a door hanger. The door hanger is placed strategically on the handle of the door such that it is the first thing that one sees when reaching for the door. While this might seem a little guerilla-ish, it is the best way to capture the attention of the target audience. As a result, such an ad campaign generates high direct actions leading to increased sales.
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