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Door Hangers For Advertising

Door Hangers For Advertising Reaching Stay-At-Home Consumers

Traditional media is reeling from the impact of COVID-19

The print media has been on a declining trajectory since social media became a global phenomenon. However, the decline seems more certain because of the impact of COVID-19. Indeed, reports of prominent news industry players going under are increasing. Because of a sudden stop in economic activity, advertising revenue stream from businesses for news media is dry.
Unfortunately, the business model of much of traditional advertising media is inseparable from that of the print media. In like manner, the traditional advertising media is in crisis mode as the pandemic continues to wreak economic havoc. For instance, billboards advertise the latest blockbusters that would be in theaters soon. However, since authorities imposed restrictions on movement and social distancing measures, cinemas and theaters are empty. This implies lack of business for billboards and many other outdoor advertising media.

Door hangers for advertising to the rescue

The sudden stop in economic activities globally has affected all manner of businesses in all industries. Businesses do not have money to fund advertising budgets. The result is that more businesses are facing a sudden disappearance from the memory of consumers unless a miracle happens. Fortunately, there is door hangers for advertising, which is a knight in white armor for businesses in the current reality.
Door hanger advertising is a simple, cheap, and effective technique for growing brand visibility and brand engagement. You might be wondering how it works. Here is how. Advertising using door hangers begins with custom printed door hangers. In particular, a marketer prints the message on a beautifully designed card and appends the business logo. Secondly, the marketer delivers these door hangers to specific doors based on the one’s targets. Interestingly, the presence of the beautiful pieces of art on one’s door is curious and it encourages engagement.

Should you target stay-at-home consumers with this technique?

Firstly, door hangers for advertising offer a cheap approach to growing brand visibility. An average advertising campaign built around door hangers could cost a mere fraction of traditional advertising costs. Considering that printing one door hanger costs less than a dollar, a $10,000 budget is more than enough.
Secondly, most people are just at home as governments race to stem the spread of the virus. As such, the audience for outdoor advertising is almost non-existent. On the contrary, door hangers for advertising target consumers at home. This way, marketers can still reach the consumers despite strict restrictions on movement. Thirdly, this form of advertising ensures exact targeting. Marketers can walk up to the doors of the exact consumers to whom they want their brand known.