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Pizza Box Top AdvertisingPizza Box Top Advertising

Campaign reach: Pizza stores
Campaign time: minimum 1 month
Est. impressions: 1.8M per store/month
Expected recall rate: 70-80%
Audience demographics: Average US household demographics

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Pizza Box Top Advertising is an unique way to reach your audience in their home
How does it work?
Your logo and message are printed on pizza boxes (or pizza box toppers) and distributed to the pizza venues you selected. The venues are recognized pizza chains so your advertising will have exposure to reputable brands. The pizzerias deliver either in the hands of the consumer or at their homes reaching on average 45 min of brand exposure.
The unconventional and unexpected nature of this type of advertising enables better perception and assimilation of the message
The ad is placed on the center of the box generating guaranteed impressions. Sometimes the consumer leaves the pizza in the fridge generating additional exposure and more impressions
On average, each pizza venue delivers 2,000 ads per month with an estimate 1.8M impressions/month. This is 4x more impressions than a freeway billboard for 3-5 times less costs
Additionally, you can use coupons to boost sales and track the ROI of the advertising spend.
Increment revenues: use coupons on your Pizza Box Top advertising to boost the sales and track the ROI of your program
New product launch: make your audience aware of the new product or service launch
Promoting a new location: target specific Zip codes to raise awareness of the new location your local business is opening
Sports/Fitness: remind your audience to check your fitness business and spend the pizza calories
Entertainment: promote your recreational services to families in the specific target areas
Home and Utilities: deliver your services promotion in their home without being ignored as postcards/direct mail
Food and Beverage: promote your new sauce, appetizer or beverage that goes well with pizza
Awareness campaigns (government and Nonprofit): raise awareness of the audience for specific social needs
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