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Door Hanger Delivery

Door Hanger Delivery: the Marketing tactics that You Must Touch

Door Hanger Delivery is an uncommon tactics to surprise customers. Learn more how this can be applied to your business.

First, the average US-consumer is exposed to approximately 3,000 advertising messages in only one day (1). The traditional nature of media and advertisement is changing since nowadays audiences are having less attention span. If, as an advertiser, you’re not cognizant of these generational changes and needs, and continue to build your marketing strategies around outdated ideas as TV, Radio and billboards. The  emphasis is placed on tactics such as surprise, humor, creativity and consequently audience involvement. Psychologically, the ‘unusualty’ raises level of interest in consumer and hence their willingness to expend cognitive effort to process message.
An emerging unconventional advertising tactics is Ambient Media. This concept is usually applied by niche advertising agencies that aim to overcome traditional methods of advertising to get the attention of consumers. Traditional advertising has been witnessing a decline in the effectiveness so there is a  greater demand for point-of-sale communications and its ability to offer precise audience targeting. Another factor that contribute to the success of agencies using ambient media is the smart way to regain consumers attention as marketers target on creating an incongruent stimuli that evokes surprise by placing ads in unusual locations and with unconventional methods that had never used before.
As example of ambient media that agencies have been using as innovative method is daily consumables. Brands seek to attain audience’s attention by placing ads on consumables that the target audience must touch creating a surprising effect. Such consumables can be: door hangerspizza box toppersprescription bagsdrink coastersCustom Coffee Sleeveshotel key cards, valet tickets, restaurant placemats and dry cleaner hangers.

Door Hanger Delivery: How does it Work?

The message of the advertiser is printed on door hangers and placed on the doorknob of households. Door Hanger Advertising is an unconventional marketing tactics since the targeted audience do not expect to see the ad hanging on their doorknob.  The households can be targeted by specific demographics and the advertiser has to partner with the capable door hanger advertising company to ensure the right delivery of door hangers at the targeted addresses. Door hangers Ads offer unmatched visibility for the advertising brand.
Usually when you check your mailbox, it is full of junk ads and it becomes easily ignored and sent to garbage. Research studies demonstrate that most customers that ignore direct mails is because they receive too many of them every day (2).  Different from direct mail, Doorknob advertising is unique. Think about it: over the past week, how many mails ads did you receive v.s. Door Hangers?
Door Hanger Advertisement

Door Hanger delivery of a customized message

Door Hangers Marketing is more effective because the customers are not used to receive it every day – it is unexpected since the advertisement will not be ignored – the audience must touch it since they must be physically removed. The unconventional nature of this type of advertisement can surprise people and make them assimilate your message.
Door Hanger distributors must be an individual whose ability to target is impeccable. One of the most outstanding qualities of door hanger advertising is its ability to target the exact audience for the advertiser. Nonetheless, this is not possible if your door hanger distributors have inadequate targeting skills. The advertiser has to ensure the right delivery of door hangers to the targeted addresses.

Are your Ads moving and shaking?

Effective media should enable a clear way to track number of impressions.  Traditional OOH advertising as billboards display lack of targeting and tracking possibilities. The fact that many highway drivers cannot focus on the ad message generate a  low engagement with the target audience.  The costs of billboards depend on format, circulation, demographics, and impressions. Traditional billboards have high costs, low ROI cost varies $14,000-20,000/month in larger markets.  Some cities imposed a ban of billboards due to visual pollution. Unconventional agencies provide alternatives to the targeting issues with approaches as mobile billboards, digital OOH, ads on trucks and other ads in places people don’t expect to see as flags, backpacks, inflatable objects, gas pump and balloons.

The costs of Door Hanger Advertisements

For the purpose of comparison, let’s take a comparable tactics as direct mail marketing. One of the major drawbacks associated with direct mail marketing is the overall cost. Average direct mail costs $0.50-2,00 per unit and majority of direct mail goes immediately to the garbage! Households are used to see every single day new junk ads mail. This does not happen with Doorknob ads – how often do you see such ads? For the same cost, the advertiser can deliver door hanger marketing deliver to targeted addresses generating larger impact.


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