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creative advertising agency

Best Practices to Identify a Creative Advertising Agency

Creative advertising agency

Granted, the advertising industry plays a crucial role in the success of businesses. However, access to the most creative advertising agency is what matters the most if you want higher brand visibility. You may know exactly what you need to do to achieve the desired visibility buy how to it is daunting. As such, you need the best advertising agency in the game to facilitate the process.

What does a creative advertising agency look like?

Players in the advertising industry are mushrooming everywhere especially after digital platforms upended the ecosystem. Indeed, this is good news for advertisers that are after cheaper marketing campaigns. However, the mushrooming of advertising agencies could not bode well for the much needed quality services. That is why it is imperative for businesses to be able to distinguish a creative advertising agency from the rest.
Firstly, an advertising agency that is creative has a creative team. Specifically, a creative team is one that includes an art director, producers, content and brand strategists, a creative director, writers and editors, and web designers and developers. All these people come together to produce forceful content that will definitely drive up engagement with your brand. Important to note, a creative team can easily understand the strategy of your brand. Consequently, you are likely to form an achieving team.
Secondly, a creative advertising agency focuses on various services. The agency may divide its services into various categories, each with a singular focus. For example, there could a design agency dedicated to design services. Besides, there could be a digital agency that facilitates the digitization and the digitization of the design services. Importantly, all the individual agencies work in synergy to create a formidable business.

Creativity with Guerilla Marketing

An advertising agency that is creative has creativity as its unique selling proposition (USP). The agency should be able to leverage unconventional advertising concepts to design a marketing strategy for clients. A good example of creativity is the ability to put in good use ambient marketing concepts.
Admittedly, marketing is not easy, especially in this age of chronic inattention. Increased adoption of smartphones has turned many people into zombies. However, these people do not use their phones when eating in a restaurant or drinking bear in a tavern. A creative advertising agency is one that can spot marketing opportunities in such places. Ultimately, such a unique marketing opportunity will surmount the challenges (like chronic inattention) that other advertising mediums are facing.
An emerging creative advertising is Ambient Marketing. The concept refers to the usage of attention-grabbing events by utilizing contextual elements of the target groups. This niche media surged to overcome traditional methods of advertising to get the attention of consumers.
One of the sub-segments of Guerrialla Marketing is In-Hand advertising. This concept relies on placing ads on consumables that the target audience can’t ignore as they must take them in their hands. Such consumables can be: door hangerspizza box toppersprescription bagsdrink coastersCustom Coffee Sleeveshotel key cards.
Here some practical examples:
  • An anti-DIU awareness campaign that can be placed on beer coasters in NYC bars
  • A healthcare message on branded pharmacy bags in reputable pharmacy venues close to hospitals
  • The new entertainment center offering a coupon discount on coffee cups targeting millennials
  • A high-end product advertised on hotel room key cards targeting travelers
  • The new fitness center offering a promo code on pizza boxes after ingesting a decent amount of calories!