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Hotel Key Cards Advertising

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Hotel Key Cards Advertising

Campaign reach: Hotels
Campaign time: minimum 1 month
Est. impressions: 0.1M per store/month
Expected recall rate: 60-70%
Audience demographics: high-income travelers

Category: Hotel Advertising


Hotel Key Cards Advertising is ideal to target high-income travelers
How does it work?
Your advertisement is printed on key cards of hotels and delivered to the hotel guests in their hands. The hotels are recognized chains so your advertising will have the exposure of the co-branding
The unconventional and unexpected nature of this type of advertising enables better perception and assimilation of the message
Hotel guests are high spend consumers as they are constantly looking for new shopping, food and tourism experiences
Your advertisement cannot be ignored. Hotel guests must take the keys (and your message) in their hands
Each hotel guests views the ad 6-8 times per day. The average hotel will have 115 rooms and 65% average occupancy rate and 3 nights stay (1). This deliver a total reach of 970 guests and 0.1M impressions per month.
Cost effective
For the cost of 1 freeway billboard (per month) you can advertise on key cards in 14 different hotels
Food, bars and restaurants: Leverage Hotel Key Cards Advertising to promote your business location. Use coupons or QR codes offering deals to boost sales and track the ROI of your program
Entertainment, travel and tourism: advertise you recreational services, travel experiences and touristic attractions.

(1) American Hotel & Lodging Association. Lodging Industry Trends. 2015

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