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Flyers Door Hangers: Old School Or Innovative Tactic?

Flyers Door Hangers: place the message in the hand of the audience.

There is nothing old school about advertising, especially if the medium achieves the objectives. Like any other business activity, advertising has clear goals, which are either to generate leads or to encourage brand awareness. Therefore, so long as you get the desired results, it does not matter whether you are using flyers door hangers or TV advertising.

Traditional advertising vs. flyers door hangers advertising

Print media, radio, and outdoor advertising media form the backbone of the marketing industry. These traditional advertising media have enabled great companies to reach billions of consumers over hundreds of years. As such, traditional media has had the largest share of the advertising industry since time immemorial. But that is about to change, at least in the US.
According to an eMarketer report, the US advertising market is about to experience a seismic shift in terms of ad spending. Notably, the digital ad spend in the country will account for more than half of the industry for the first time by yearend 2019. Nonetheless, digital media will not dominate alone because other kinds of new media like flyers’ door hangers medium will take more relevance.
Unlike traditional media, using door hangers is much more straightforward, cheap, and easy to target the audience. Door hangers enable the advertiser to place ads in unconventional places. For example, there is no way someone will miss a flyer hanging on the doorknob. Therefore, there is a full guarantee that your ad will catch the right eyeballs. According to this analysis, using this technique to reach the target audience is more effective because of the element of surprise.
This kind of marketing is quite unconventional as it captures the attention of the target audience thoroughly. Besides, the advertiser can pinpoint the section of the audience that is most relevant. For instance, if one wanted to advertise a retirement benefits product, one can target houses for the aging.  Since the ad appears on the doorknob, there is no way the target audience can miss the message.
Door Hanger Marketing

You can place creative messages to surprise your audience

Get value for your money with ambient advertising

Traditional media and digital media suffer from a similar problem, lack of transparency. Notably, some publishers use ridiculous metrics to measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign. For example, digital platforms use impressions as a critical metric to measure the success rate of an advertisement. However, this analysis in Adage shows that impression is a vanity metric.
On the contrary, impressions mean a different thing when speaking of ambient marketing. In ambient marketing, advertisers place ads in unconventional places. The surprise with which the ads catch the audience makes it difficult to ignore the message. The kind of connection that the ad creates enables impeccable brand engagement rates. Overall, ambient marketing has no space for fraudulent metrics that will encourage you to spend more without getting actual positive results for your business.

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