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Advertising on dry cleaner hangers

Ambient Marketing: Advertising on Dry Cleaner Hangers

Learn more how Advertising on Dry Cleaner Hangers can generate an In-Hand impact.

Advertising on Dry Cleaner Hangers: In-the-Hand advertising Impact

This latest marketing trend includes the use of the dry cleaner and is called In-the-Hand advertising.  The he unconventional and unexpected nature of this type of advertising provokes a ” wow” or ” surprise” impact on the consumer contributing to the perception of the advertisement and increased brand lift.

How are you Building your Brand?

In-the-Hand Advertising uses vehicles that the consumers touch at daily basis as pizza boxescoffee cupsprescription bagsdrink coastersdoor hangershotel key cards.

Target high-end consumers

Dry cleaners tend to not only have a very loyal client base, but that client base is generally well educated and earning a good salary. According to Media Life Magazine, more than half of dry cleaning customers make at least $75,000 and more than a third bring home an annual salary higher than $100,000. Also, according to the article Dry Cleaners as Media Channels: The Eco-Hanger Network, 39 percent of college graduates use a dry cleaner even though those with a college degree only make up 22 percent of the population. Advertising on dry cleaner hangers is an excellent option to reach this audience.

Spread your message in targeted locations

With the use of targeting technology, it is possible to identify key neighbors and segment by ethnicity, marital status, age and spend behavior in over 1,000 categories.  All in all, there are more than 40,000 dry cleaning locations throughout the United States with service to more than 35 million people. That translates to a lot of eyeballs that a marketer can get a company in front of advertising on dry cleaner hangers.
The most obvious place to advertise a company within a dry cleaning business is on the hangers. There are several advantages in placing ads with the first being that consumers tend to use dry cleaning hangers time and time again meaning that the ad will be seen more than once. Additionally, ads placed on hangers can be custom printed and include a coupon, web site link, QR code.
Because dry cleaners tend to cater to affluent consumers, advertising on hangers and garment bags will continue to get ads placed in front of the right people with money to burn and it can be an effective form of advertising for just about any business.


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