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How it Works

Adzze is the leading online marketplace for In-the-Hand Advertising. The media that place your brand in the hand of the consumer

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In-The-Hand Advertising Options

Your logo and slogan are printed on consumables and displayed in several locations

Deliver in the hand of the consumer

The consumers will take your logo in their hands: there is 80% probability they will remember it

In-the-Hand Ads

Choose the most suitable In-The-Hand Ad to target your audience

Advertising on Pharmacy Bags

Shopping Bag Marketing

Advertising on Pharmacy Bags

Bar Coaster Marketing

Bar Coaster Advertising

Coffee Cup Advertising

Coffee Cup Marketing

Coffee Cup Advertising

Pizza Box Top Advertising

Pizza Box Top Marketing

Pizza Box Top Advertising

In-the-Hand Advertising

Pizza Box Advertising

US population consumes pizza


Coffee Cup Advertising

Remembered they saw an ad on the coffee sleeve


Digital Ads

Only 9% are viewed more than 1 second

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