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Key Card Hotel Advertisement

Key Card Hotel Advertisement programs to target affluent audiences

Key Card Hotel Advertisement programs: learn more how to target affluent audiences

Hotel key cards are preferred as one of the attractive and interesting means of hospitality in modern days. It is essential for an advertisement to become eye-catchy, engaging and more presentable. Hotel advertisement through key cards is a kind of unconventional way of advertising that helps in increasing your business. This different way of advertising helps in targeting a particular type of audience to assimilate the message. Hotel advertisement through key cards creates an option for the keys to be easy customization. It also opens up a significant possibility of commercializing for local businessmen and tradesmen.

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There is more than one reason why Hotel Key Cards Advertising is an ideal way of advertising:

Attractive and effective way of key card hotel advertisement

A good amount of guests visit a hotel per day. Advertisement printed on the key cards of hotels reach directly to the guest’s hands. Ignoring key cards is not good. Guests usually keep these keys that carry your message along with them in their hands. They use key very often for many purposes.
Hotel advertisements help target a particular kind of consumer. Hotel guests are usually financially well off consumers that are ready to spend for food or nearby local tourist attractions. So, there are enormous possibilities of attracting audiences through on key-cards advertisements.

Creative advertising tactics

Hotel advertising helps in effectively creating a profitable partnership. Selling the small space of the key cards for advertisements helps in increasing profits for local businessmen. It helps in reaching a market which is usually not exposed through the conventional or traditional way of advertising.
Hotel key cards advertisements helps in creating significant impact on guests who wants to visit local restaurants and tourist places. However, Businessman can advertise on key cards more than 16 different hotels at cost of one commercial advertisement on television. The conventional way of advertising on TV is often ignored by audiences.
The reason is as they don’t want to waste their time watching commercials more than their favourite programs. Nowadays, people spend most of their time on phone rather than sitting in watching television. It would be eye-catchy way to attract audiences because they have to look at their key cards for maximum time.
There is no doubt above all are effective way of advertising through hotel key cards. Additionally, offering some discounts to the guests or adding QR codes to take guests directly to your website. Adding photos of specific items helps in promoting in a large way. However, Key cards are a smart way of promoting and advertising that opens up a huge opportunity.
Adzze can help you create a branded design featuring a “Call To Action” which leaves a lasting impression. It drives immediate interest and desired behavior.

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Agencies are becoming more creative and levering more  Ambient Media tactics. This concept is applied by niche advertising agencies that aim to overcome the boring traditional ads to get the attention of consumers. Traditional OOH as billboards has been witnessing a decline in the effectiveness so there is a  greater demand for unusual communication vehicles.  Another factor that contribute to the success of agencies using ambient media is the smart way to retrain the attention of the audience by inserting the element of surprise.
As example, advertisers can place ads using as innovative method leveraging the ad space of daily consumables. Such consumables can be: door hangers, pizza box toppers, prescription bags, drink coastersCustom Coffee Sleeveshotel key cards, valet tickets, restaurant placemats and dry cleaner hangers.
Think of this as small moving billboard that your target audience will grab in their hands.
Here some practical examples:
An anti-DIU campaign that can be conducted by placing awareness messages on drink coasters in the bars in LA
The nutritional supplement manufacturer can advertise its new launch on branded  pharmacy bags in reputable pharmacy venues close to hospitals
The new movie theater can offer a ticket discounts on coffee cups aiming to target millennials
A high-end beauty spa  can advertise on hotel room key cards: perfect tactics to target affluent travelers
The new fitness center can place a promo code on pizza boxes after eating a certain amount of calories!
Hotel card key advertisement
The concerns over advertising costs existed already long before the emergence of COVID-19. Small businesses find the cost of mainstream advertising crushing. Guttmann explained in a Statista publication that the majority of small businesses in the United States in 2017 devoted less than 10,000 U.S. dollars to marketing activities. The demand for pocket-friendly advertising is not just a concern peculiar to SMEs, and it is easy to see that it is a need that will surpass the existence of COVID-19.
Now, imagine spending about $14,000-20,000/month on outdoor advertising and getting very low ROI. Compare this to spending the same amount of money on in-home focused advertising media. This is what we offer you at Adzze; an array of unique in-the-hand advertising strategies that place your brands in the hands of potential clients in their homes. As example, with the same
Now let us put it into the comparison perspective:
Using the same budget of 1 billboard during 1 month in a larger market, the advertiser can reach approximately 60,000 households with a personalized message on your pizza toppers. This is a large reach impact that could cover every household in a small city.
What would you prefer?
Paying for a billboard that is not personalized and not even noticed by distracted drivers?
Reaching 60,000 households that will literally grab your ad in their hands?