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Boost Your Ads with AR QR Codes

Boost Your Ads with AR QR Codes: Unleashing Interactive Advertising Potential

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, augmented reality (AR) technology has witnessed immense growth, with an estimated 1 billion users projected by the end of 2023. Tech giants are actively developing tools to harness this potential. One exciting application of AR technology is through the use of AR QR codes in the business space. Rather than providing plain information, brands can create engaging and immersive branded experiences for their audience. According to Statista, a significant majority of AR QR code users, 68%, fall within the 25-54 age group.

Adding Life to Static Ads with AR QR Codes:

To infuse life into your static advertisements, incorporating AR QR codes is the ideal solution. The AR QR code phenomenon gained tremendous popularity in 2017, witnessing a record-breaking 8 million scans per day of snap codes. People scanned these codes to connect with friends, access new filters, and explore websites. By leveraging augmented reality, advertisers can create 3D experiences within their advertisements. This captivates their audience and makes their content more memorable.

Augmented Reality OOH Advertising:

AR QR Code Advertising
If you’re considering integrating AR QR codes into your marketing efforts, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of your target audience. Augmented reality out-of-home (OOH) advertising provides answers to questions regarding the future of AR in advertising. By strategically placing AR QR codes on flyers and print ads, marketers can enhance the appeal of their campaigns and engage viewers. To maximize the benefits of AR QR codes, marketers should consider specific factors when developing their marketing strategies. By offering augmented elements on flyers and cards, marketers can assist customers and provide detailed information in an engaging manner.

Bridging the Digital and Physical Worlds:

Creating a people-first experience with a smart AR QR code is key to successful marketing campaigns. Companies like IKEA and Google Maps have paved the way by integrating digital solutions into physical surroundings, revolutionizing shopping and travel experiences. Marketers should draw inspiration from these innovative approaches to build a meaningful digital world around their products or services.

Tracking Effectiveness and Driving Engagement:

Business owners rely on data to gauge campaign effectiveness and plan for the future. AR QR codes serve as valuable tools for collecting insights derived from user scans. They unlock valuable information and enhance decision-making processes. These interactive codes enable higher engagement and facilitate contactless interactions, making them a compelling choice for modern marketers.

Adzze In-Hand Advertising and AR QR Code Advertising:

When it comes to maximizing the potential of AR QR code advertising, Adzze’s in-hand advertising solutions offer a unique and effective approach. Adzze specializes in placing brands directly into the hands of consumers, creating a powerful and memorable brand experience. By combining AR QR codes with in-hand advertising, brands can take their marketing campaigns to new heights, ensuring that their messages are seen, experienced, and remembered. Adzze’s innovative outside-the-box tactics with AR advertisement can further amplify the impact of AR QR codes, making them an indispensable part of any cutting-edge marketing strategy.


In today’s competitive business landscape, staying abreast of major marketing trends while embracing cutting-edge technology is essential. The placement of AR QR codes is paramount. They are unrivaled marketing tools that position your business in front of potential customers. Undoubtedly, QR codes offer an innovative and effective means to captivate audiences and make a lasting impression.