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Advertising on bar coasters

Advertising Coasters: How to Reach your Audience in a Relaxing Environment?

Advertising coasters: learn more about this concept.

Today’s consumers are overwhelmed with advertising messages. The average US-consumer is exposed to approximately 3,000 advertising messages in only one day (1). This limits drastically the attention span of consumers due to advertiser’s intense attempts of persuasion.
Marketers tend to change their strategy to promote their products more aggressively by using more and more advertising activities and media. This attempt appear less effective as it requires a higher advertising budget not necessarily leading to results.

Emerging new tactics: unconventional advertising

Small and medium sized enterprises are urged to find innovative ways of effective advertising with limited marketing budgets. They attempt to compensate the size-related disadvantages compared to large leveraging unconventional ways of advertising.
One of these tactics is called ambient media. This method is highly effective and refers to the usage of publicity-grabbing events by utilizing contextual elements of the target groups (2). The placement of advertising in unusual and unexpected places often with unconventional methods and being first or only ad execution to do so (2). As example, advertising on bar coasters can deliver the right message in the right ambient.
Other unconventional and creative method is In-the-Hand Advertising using vehicles as prescription bags, coffee cupspizza boxesdrink coastersdoor hangershotel key cardsshopping bags.

Advertising coasters: how does it work?

The logo and message of the advertiser are printed on bar/restaurant coasters and distributed to the network of venues. Specific targeting is enabled with an in-house technology to profile the demographic region and pick addresses according to the campaign plan.
Coaster Ads

Advertising on Bar coasters

Coasters Impact: high assimilation of the message

Advertising  Coasters is a creative option to spread your message in a relaxing environment. The venue places the coasters on the dining or bar tables generating a direct impact on consumer who receives the message in their hands. This is  makes it guaranteed impressions, as they have to take the coaster in their hands. Approximately 1,500 coasters/month can be distributed by each venue generating estimated 0.7M of impressions/month. The ‘unusualty’ raises level of interest in consumer and hence their willingness to expend cognitive effort to process message.
Bar coasters are viewed by on average 4-6 other people in a relaxing environment enabling your target audience to better assimilate your message. Bar coasters advertising programs can be run locally or nationwide. Most of the metropolitan regions are covered.

Advertising coasters are an excellent way to advertise your products and services. Looking for excellent advertising coasters ideas? Our marketing coasters are perfect for branding your products and services, as they can be used in most bars, pubs and many different venues. Make Your Logo Stand Out with Eye-catching Designs and never miss the chance to make your customers remember you. Advertise your business on Advertising Coasters with Your Logo, Message and Contact Details. Personalize Your Company’s Image by Promoting on Different Types of Coasters. Advertising Coasters are a creative and affordable option to create brand awareness.

Advertising coasters: low costs

The costs of billboards depends on format, circulation and demographics. Traditional billboards can cost between $14,000 and 20,000/month in larger markets.
For the same cost, the advertiser can place its message on 40,000 bar coasters at 20 different venues during the same time frame.


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