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Advertising Coffee Cups

Why Advertising Coffee Cup Is The Better Than Outdoor Advertising

Advertising coffee cup: this article presents the concept of placing ads on coffee cups as tactics  to reach the audience in a unexpected way.

Advertisers across the industry have one objective that they pursue wholeheartedly; to drive brand visibility. They will innovate and modify existing systems to ensure that people who receive a message concert to customers. Interestingly, novel mechanisms like using an advertising coffee cup are some of the solutions.

Advertising coffee cup is  hard to ignore

Using coffee cups to advertise is a technique that lies under ambient marketing. Specifically, ambient marketing applies the concept where advertisers place messages in unusual places. Notably, these places are unconventional because individuals do not expect to see the message there. This technique seeks to put the message in the hands of the target audience. As such, advertisers can reach the exact audience as intended by the brand.
One of the in-the-hand advertising is the use of advertising coffee cups. Interestingly, the idea is to catch the audience unawares and when they are most peaceful. Further, the need for this kind of advertising grew out of the desire to circumvent the problem of distracted audiences. While advertising avenues like TV, Billboards, and digital platforms may be popular, they suffer from low conversion rates. Mainly, the low conversion rates arise from the high level of distraction that the target audience experience.
On the contrary, individuals use coffee cups when they need to replenish the nutritional reserves. As such, it is common to find individuals in a relaxed mood and less distracted. In such a state, it is difficult to ignore a message pasted on the side of a coffee cup. Further, the fact that the individuals do not expect to see the ad, they get more curious about what the message says. Therefore, advertisers end up generating unbeatable rates of conversion for the brands.

Benefits of putting ads on coffee cups

Besides guaranteed attention and a high likelihood of message assimilation, this advertising technique is cheap. In the US, the cost of a 30-second spot on TV for ad costs in the north of $433,000. Interestingly, such an amount can deliver over 10,000 coffee cups with ads to different locations.
Coffee cups with ads do go not only easy on companies’ expenditures but also guarantee strong impression for the message. Comparably, a moving billboard, does not give the target audience enough time to absorb the message. Additionally, the audience could be struggling to remain attentive to their environment to avoid collisions. On the contrary, individuals have time to decipher the message while coffee cups are in their hands. The message will enjoy exposure for as long as the target audience holds the cup. Eventually, the probability of message assimilation is high.
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