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Grocery store advertising

Grocery Store Advertising: the Strategy to Reach Consumers Indoors

Grocery store advertising is the in thing currently. This is because of a global lockdown situation which has created a new norm of social distancing. There are different modes of grocery store advertising namely dividers, receipts, carts, and shelf displays. As the names suggest, these adverts are on particular items that are then in strategic positions for the consumer to see. For small businesses, grocery store advertising is a great opportunity to promote a brand to local audiences. Advertisers are also able to reap large scale benefits since the adverts come at a fraction of the price.

Hitting the target with grocery stores ads

46 % of Americans shop in supermarkets and these stores are essential businesses meaning that they are open during the pandemic. Advertisers can, therefore, make use of supermarkets as a great way of doing grocery stores ads. They will be able to reach their target audience without huge budget cuts. If there is any activity that has gone up during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is shopping. Shoppers continue to buy in bulk and grocery chains are in full swing action. Retailers, manufacturers, warehouses, and supply chain operators are all in sync to ensure that they meet the skyrocketing demands.

Go online with supermarket advertising

52 % of consumers are implementing social distancing and this is also seen in their shopping behavior. Everyone is getting things online. This has brought about a rapid increase in online orders. Many big retail chains already expanded their eCommerce services but with COVID-19, the process has been expedited. consumers have started buying things they normally don’t purchase and this has seen an upsurge when it comes to online shopping. Target sales grew more than 100% and what does this tell you? Consumers are buying online and marketers have to get online. There is a need for more digital ads targeting online shoppers.

The grocery advertising shift

There is a huge migration which is actually a disruption. Grocery advertising is not only limited to brick and mortar stores. It is also done on eCommerce stores and on social media. Online grocery advertising is now a big priority for brands and especially CPG brands. There is an uptick interest from clients who want to capture the customers’ attention while they are shopping on different sites. Grocers and supermarkets have invested in creating space on their sites to make advertising easier. Advertisers can make use of banner ads to attract consumers. The aim is to get consumers to add a product to their virtual shopping cart. Online shopping is a big deal and grocery store advertising makes it easier to reach consumers while they stay at home.