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Experiential Marketing and Brand Recall

Experiential Marketing and correlation with Brand Recall.

Experiential Marketing

It is a kind of live marketing technique that focuses on customer experiences. According to Sense Marketing, companies that use experiential marketing usually have a keen eye on impressing the customers. The company executes this technique through digital campaigns or social content. By involving the customer in the marketing campaign, the company is no longer an alien entity with a bias for profits. Rather, the company becomes an important part of the customers’ lives that aims to delight instead of just feeding customers products.

Experiential marketing

On the contrary, experiential marketing places a huge premium on personal interaction with the customer. Particularly, marketers find means to tap the feelings and emotions of the customers. Marketers do this fully aware that emotions evoke trust in the minds of the individuals.

Why marketers need to adopt unconventional advertising ideas

From the perspective of a traditional marketing hardliner, experiential marketing is unconventional. Indeed, this technique does not recognize TVs, billboards, and other out of home (OOH) advertising vehicles. Experiential Marketing adds unconventional advertising concepts that enhance the assimilation of the ad message.
For starters, unconventional advertising techniques use tactics that are simple and easy. For example, one would not break a sweat when delivering branded door hangers to select locations. Besides, the whole campaign is cheap, and it enables a personal engagement just like experiential marketing. Another upside of unconventional advertising is that customers can hardly ignore the message. This is because of the element of surprise.

Diversity marketing and the new age marketing phenomenon

Needless to say, traditional advertising is on the decline. This decline has nothing to do with ineffectiveness or inability to match impression rates with conversion rates. Instead, traditional media is just a victim of a better and more effective advertising phenomenon. Part of this phenomenon is diversity marketing. Diversity marketing is a long overdue concept that strips down the whole industry to better customer relations when advertising. Experiential Marketing helps to build that connection.
The present business environment is global and businesses serve people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Simply, this tells a good marketer that legacy tactics either need a total makeover or face obsolescence. Specifically, diversity marketing ensures that advertisers speak to each individual in the audience on a personal level. Ultimately, the objective is to create relationships that can evoke trust from the customer.

All these are creative advertising ideas

Creativity in marketing is the difference between effective marketers and the rest. Given the inability of traditional advertising techniques to appeal to the current customer, advertisers are increasingly adopting creative advertising ideas. Diversity and experiential marketing represent part of these creative ideas. Others include in-the-hand marketing, where advertisers place brands inside the hands of the target audience literally.

Creative advertising ideas

Pizza box advertising is a good example of in-the-hand marketing. Arguably, youths make up the largest market for pizza. As such, the pizza boxes present an opportunity to make your brand visible to this demographic. The first step you need to take is to custom print pizza boxes. Next, deliver them to select pizzerias where customers will pick them. Eventually, the pizza boxes will act as purveyors of your message in the simplest yet cheapest way possible.