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guerilla marketing idea

How to Find the Perfect Guerilla Marketing idea

Traditional marketing techniques are no longer effective and advertisers are shifting to new platforms. Therefore, whoever comes up with a great guerilla marketing idea has huge demand to feed. Guerilla marketing techniques entails placement of ads in unconventional places to increase chances of visibility. These tactics enable marketers to achieve better results than traditional media and cheaply.

 guerilla marketing idea

To elaborate, take a guerilla marketing idea who wants to reach a group of college kids in an easy and simple way. Such a marketer can custom print coffee cup sleeves and then deliver them to coffee shops near the college. Every time a student buys coffee, the walk away with the brand in their hands.

Unconventional advertising: leverage the surprise element to increase brand engagement

The primary objective of marketing is to ensure that as many consumers as possible engage with a brand. To be sure, some advertising vehicles like traditional media achieve high impression rates. However, this rarely translates into engagement and direct actions. This is where unconventional advertising has an advantage.
Unconventional advertising entails use of tactics that confound the consumer. Subsequently, the advertiser commands the full attention of the consumer. However, an advertiser must focus on three factors to achieve success with unconventional advertising tactics. First, this technique requires simplicity. The idea is to arrest the customer’s attention in the shortest time possible. As such, you need something that will be easy to comprehend. Secondly, the unconventional advertising idea must be unique. This way, you are likely to surprise the customer more easily. Thirdly, you must focus on content. Great content persuades the customers to engage with the brand.

Why is viral campaign significant?

The success of a viral campaign depends on the creativity and effort that goes into preparing the content. According to Investopedia, viral marketing entails sharing of information effective  from person-to-person an ever-growing rate. This could happen via email or social media platforms. Granted, viral marketing is an tactic but only if you do it the right way. Done right, a viral campaign can deliver good results at a huge discount to the advertiser.
To elaborate, consider a hairdresser that wants to increase the visibility of her brand. The hairdresser creates a short video of her at work and then posts it on her social media page. Once people view it, they will share with their network of friends if they like it. This goes on until the video garners millions of views. The impact of this phenomenon is that the brand will go global in a matter of days. Soon, the hairdresser will receive a deluge of orders without any more effort.

Some challenges a guerilla marketer might face

Admittedly, the unconventional tactics that a guerilla marketer uses are effective in terms of creating brand trust. In addition, using a viral campaign will deliver many customers in a short span of time and with fewer resources. However, the guerilla marketer still faces huge challenges in the process of deploying the unconventional advertising techniques.


 guerilla marketing idea

First, most of the unconventional advertising tactics cover a small geographical area. As such, a huge business that has many customers may be unable to reach all the target customers when advertising. Secondly, the unconventional techniques might be unsuccessful if the guerilla marketer lacks a cohesive team. Teamwork is critical in delivering desired results.