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How To Advertise With Grocery Dividers

How To Advertise With Grocery Dividers

Do you know that the places with the highest number of people are the checkout counters in grocery shops? So, considering that, many marketers have used that in their advertising strategy. It helps in increasing brand awareness and visibility.
So, before we get into the details, let’s start with the basics!

Here is how you can advertise with a grocery divider

Grocery Ads
A grocery divider is designed to have two end caps and is usually made with transparent plastic. You can print out your advertisement on thick paper if you want. And it will get into the grocery divider. Each side of the grocery divider can be used. You can label different messages on each side. Marketers have decided to advertise with a grocery divider. It has produced many enhanced results, such as the best ROI (return on investment) and increased visibility rate.

Is it worth advertising with a grocery divider?

Advertising through grocery dividers has become common in the advertisement market. Advertising with grocery dividers has yielded many positive results. This is one of the many reasons people are advertising through grocery dividers. When you advertise with grocery dividers, it yields many positive outcomes. On top of that, it is much more inexpensive than traditional advertisements like billboards. Moreover, it increases contact time while consumers wait in line.

Advertise on Grocery Dividers

On average, 20,000 people visit grocery shops each week. You can use this opportunity to target the right audience at the right grocery divider. When you advertise with a grocery divider, the advertisements printed on it will be visible to everyone. People can see them for an average of 2 to 3 minutes while shopping. In this way, people can see advertisements ten times per month. So, if your question is still the same, is it a good idea to advertise with a grocery divider? Then yes, it most definitely is.


You should use grocery divider advertising for higher exposure and enhanced brand awareness.

How does advertising with grocery dividers work?

When you start to advertise with grocery dividers, the first step is to search for the potential grocery stores where you can target the maximum number of people. After selecting grocery stores, print out your advertisements and make sure they are inserted into the grocery dividers. When consumers are shopping or waiting at the checkout counter for their turn, They will see your advertisement.

Can you add AR to a grocery divider advertisement?

What is AR Ads
Advertisement through augmented reality has always produced effective results. It would be a good idea to use AR to advertise with a grocery divider. You can make creative AR ads and add them to the grocery divider. It would attract people’s attention. Moreover, you can track how many people have taken an interest in your products.


Adzze has always aimed to produce creative and interactive ad ideas for better and more effective results. It possesses the capabilities to create ads that will boost your brand’s visibility rate along with higher exposure.