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Guerilla Marketer: Reimagining Advertising

A guerilla marketer is an advertiser that employs unusual tactics to place a brand in front of the target audience. Primarily, this kind of marketer intends to surprise consumers with placement of an ad in unusual places. Further, the idea is to catch the attention of the target audience with the cheapest trick available. Moreover, to execute this tactic successfully, guerilla marketers need certain skills.

guerilla marketer

In the first place, guerilla marketers need an eye for easy and simple solutions to complex problems. Since such marketers service small businesses that lack huge advertising budgets, simplicity is urgent. This is because simple solutions are cheap. Secondly, guerilla marketers need creativity. Creativity helps the marketers to transform commonplace things like a coffee cup into an advertising platform. Thirdly, the marketers need great logistics skills. This helps them to design effective distribution channels for the advertising vehicles.

Use viral campaigns advertise cheaply

A guerilla marketer can leverage viral campaigns to push a brand closer to the target audience with little effort. Viral marketing exploits social media platforms to spread a message as a virus would. Unlike using coffee cups or pizza boxes to advertise, viral campaigns require a little more effort and creativity. As such, marketers need to focus on three key factors for successful viral campaigns.
In the first place, you require a viral strategy. This includes creating content that is capable of spreading virally. Secondly, avoid appearing “spammy”. If you decide to send out the message yourself, ensure that you do not make the target audience feel overwhelmed. The third factor is creativity. For content to go viral on social networks, it must appeal to each viewer no matter how many times one sees it.

Unconventional advertising and the problem of inattention

For starters, the main reason why advertisers are ditching traditional advertising media is the problem of inattention. Fortunately, many unconventional advertising vehicles exist that catch attention effortlessly. Unconventional advertising tactics are similar to guerilla marketing. This is because advertisers use them to place ads in areas that consumers cannot avoid. Ultimately, you end up putting your ad in the hands of the consumers, literally.

In-the-hand marketing tactics like door hanger advertising place your brand right in the sights of the consumer. The idea is to print a door hanger and deliver it to the target location. The moment the target consumer reaches for the door, the door hanger is there shouting out the brand.

New age marketing is the way to go

According to RiseFuel, new age marketing encompasses all innovative techniques that advertisers use to expand their brand visibility. Particularly, new age marketing focuses on better and more complete customer experience during the marketing campaign. The idea is to make your customer happy in a way that spawns trust between the consumer and the brand.

One such technique is guerilla marketing. Interestingly, a guerilla marketer enjoys a personal touch with the consumer. To elaborate, take the example of coffee sleeve advertising. The feeling of holding a branded coffee cup is exhilarating. In the process of appreciating your creativity, the customer forms a strong bond with the brand.