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Creative advertising ideas

Diversity In Marketing: The Reasons Why You Need Inclusive Ads

Diversity in marketing and inclusive ads.

Diversity in marketing refers to using promotional tactics that cater to each group that makes up the target audience. If your target audience is college students, then the promotional activities must treat female students and male students similarly. The same goes for racial differences and more. Typically, customers believe that businesses view them equally. This is manifested through the products offered and the language that businesses use in marketing campaign.

Diversity in marketing


Evidently, the absence of sensitivity to each group in the target audience implies that the business practices bias. Once a section of your target audience begins to feel sidelined, no amount of money poured into advertising will persuade them to buy products/services. Diversity in marketing ensures inclusive and fair targeting.

New age marketing is departing from traditional advertising techniques

Forbes defines new age marketing as a digital and data-driven era of marketing. In this era, advertisers go further than just obsessing over the customer. Today, more people spend majority of their lives fixed on devices. This means that placing ads on billboards is no longer tenable because of inattention. Therefore, new age marketing attempts to use big data to see how to reach the customer. Unlike traditional advertising, new age marketing puts more emphasis on understanding the customer. Specifically, advertisers want to know how customers feel about their products as well as their wishes about what a better product would look like. This arises from the dynamic nature of the tastes and preferences of the current consumer.
Accordingly, new age marketing employs unconventional advertising tactics to achieve its objectives. One of these tactics is in-the-hand advertising. Just like the word sounds, this tactic ensures that advertisers put their ads right in the hands of the target audience. Besides, the tactic is simple to implement, and it saves a lot of money.

Can experiential marketing facilitate inclusive ads?

Experiential marketing is an attempt to depart from traditional methods of familiarizing customers with your brand. Specifically, experiential marketing techniques creative ideas to personalize the customer’s experience. Under this technique, advertisers obsess over converting a customer from a passive observer to an active role player. The idea is to forge a relationship between the brand and the customer. Experiential marketing prioritizes customer experience over all else. To this end, an advertiser must research the target audience, and then sought it based on uniqueness. The idea is that one cannot enjoy any experience that does not agree with who they are.
Interestingly, one can comfortably conclude that experiential marketing is the epitome of creativity in advertising. This is because it enables marketers to achieve numerous objectives at once. For instance, engaging with the customer more builds a strong bond that surpasses customer relationships resulting from traditional advertising campaigns.

Creative advertising ideas that embolden new age marketing

Creative advertising refers to novel ideas that marketers use to put their brands before the target audience. To elaborate this, assume that you are a small business owner who needs to market a new product. Since you do not have deep pockets, billboards and TV ads are not in consideration. What you will do is to pick a simple and cheap idea to use. For example, advertisers can use a door hanger to reach the target audience. Previously, we introduced the idea of in-the-hand marketing.

Simply, this concept entails tactics that place ads in unconventional places. Interestingly, some advertisers may refer to this tactic as guerilla marketing, where ads ambush individuals. As such, individuals do not have a way out but to notice and to interact with the ads.

Creative advertising ideas

Door hanger advertising entails preparing custom printed door hangers and then deliver them to the target location. Say, for instance, that you want to reach college students. Here, you can print the door hangers and then deliver them to their hostels. Having seen the door hanger and the unique message, the student will most likely follow it up with a direct action.

How it Works:

Your advertisement is printed on door hangers and distributed to the households in the zip code or areas that were selected according to the marketing campaign. Adzze technology solutions are used to target demographic profiles such as income, age, ethnicity, marital status, so that we hit your exact target-market ensuring the door hanger delivery. In addition, the segmentation method enables to evaluate annual spend criteria so that you have a better insight into the spend behavior of the target audience.  The consumers will be positively surprised if the door hanger brings them value as coupons or discounts. The advertiser must partner with the capable door hanger distributors to ensure to track the door hanger delivery to the targeted addresses. Typically, the return of the  Door Hanger Advertising investment is 3x, this means for every $1 invested, the advertiser receives $3 back (you can see more details on the ROI calculation at the end of this article)

Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) of Door Hangers:

Let’s assume that you are the owner of a local Mexican restaurant and you need to take drastic measures to bring your sales back on track after the recent pandemic. Coronavirus caused a large impact on every restaurant since the past months most Americans were forced to stay home quarantined. Now that your activities are back to normal you must recover the lost sales with a more creative approach.
On your Door Hanger Ads you include a promo coupon offering one free appetizer if they come to your restaurant and order at least one entry. Let’s assume that you distributed 10,000 door hangers.
Typical conversion rates of Door hangers very between 4-8%. This means, for every 100 households you distributed the door hangers, you will acquire at least 4-8 new customers. This percentage will depend on how attractive the offer is and how creative the design is. Let’s assume for this case a 5% conversion rate.
Audience Reach: 10,000 households
Converted clients (5%): 500 new customers
Sales price of an entry: $20
Incremental sales (after the campaign): $10,000
Cost of the Door Hanger Marketing
campaign: $3,000
Return on advertising investment: 3x.
So, for every 1 dollar you invested in a door hanger campaign, you received at least additional 3 dollars of sales.