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Bags Advertising: An Unconventional Way To Target Pharmacy Customers

The healthcare industry is the cornerstone of the global economy. Without a healthy workforce, the economy cannot prosper. As much as good health is a necessity, not everyone has access to the best and most affordable care. It is because of information asymmetry. That is why providers rely on innovative avenues like bags advertising to reach as many potential clients as possible.

How does bags advertising work?

Unlike other traditional mediums, bags advertising is small scale and pinpoints a certain audience based on geography. Usually, advertisers operate in close cooperation with pharmacies in the target location. They print catchy and creative messages and the logo of their businesses on pharmacy bags. When a customer buys drugs from the pharmacy, they take the ad in their hands back home.
Prescription Bag Advertising
This kind of advertising is unconventional, and it yields the best rates of brand engagement. In particular, if the customer takes the pharmacy bag at home, they will continue to interact with the ad for as long as the bag exists. Further, visitors to the house may get a chance to read and appreciate the ad hence growing brand awareness without spending a dime.

Pharmacy bags ad

The majority of nontraditional advertising mediums are cheap. For bags advertising, you are sure you will not spend the ridiculous sums of money thrown around in ad campaigns like TV advertising. To put this argument in context, consider this comparison between TV advertising in the US versus using pharmacy bags.

Pharmacy bags ad

According to an interesting explainer by WebFX, the actual cost of national TV advertising is mindboggling. First, one has to set up the process, which costs at least $63,000 but not more than $8 million. Second, one has to pay the advertising channel about $342,000 per 30-second ad. Add to that the money you have to pay the advertising agency that designed the whole thing! In short, TV advertising is super expensive, but so are other traditional mediums like billboard advertising and digital advertising mediums like Facebook and Google.
Another advantage of bags advertising is the ability to focus the ad campaign on an audience based on a particular demographic. For instance, you can design and deliver the pharmacy bags to a pharmacy inside a college if you want to target college going youths. This way, you will achieve two very critical objectives. First, brand engagement will be optimal. Second, the conversion rate will be high. It is because over 90% of the target audience fulfills the profile of your typical customer.