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Coffee Sleeves Marketing Is Ideal To Leverage Campus Advertising

Have you heard from coffee sleeves advertising?

Close to 22% of college students drink coffee of some sorts, according to a Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC) report. Further, the report added that close to 2% of the students like their coffee in cans. Interestingly, advertisers can take the opportunity to market their brands through campus advertising. This article elaborates on the methodology and benefits of the avenue.

How to approach campus advertising using coffee sleeves

Coffee drinking inside university campuses is more than just a phenomenon. It is a culture. In fact, a study conducted at the University of New Hampshire found that college students rely on coffee “to perform at their best.” Interestingly, these students have so much to do with so little time. They need to study, to drive on long road trips, to study overnight for exams and what not. It is safe to say, therefore, that this demographic is hooked to coffee.
Takeaway coffee cups come with a space for sleeves. Custom coffee sleeves offer an unconventional medium for growing the awareness of your brand. On the sleeves, the publisher prints your special message together with the logo of your business. Then, the advertiser distributes the coffee cups to various coffee shops situated inside the campuses. The advertiser can also distribute the coffee cups to coffee shops situated outside the campus but located at strategic places.

Why use custom coffee sleeves?

Conducting a campus advertising campaign through the coffee sleeves medium is most certain to help the business to reach deeper into target audience. According to this analysis, a single coffee shop can give out approximately 2,500 coffee cups in a month. This number could be higher in campuses with a high student population. As such, the ad is capable of attracting over 2 million impressions in the one month. This is a great leap for your business in terms of brand visibility.
In addition to brand visibility, this advertising medium guarantees high levels of brand engagement. Particularly, ads placed on coffee sleeves are hard to ignore. Once a student buys coffee, they hold the coffee cups in their hands throughout the time they take to drink the beverage. All this time, they are looking at the coffee sleeve and whatever message it contains. Additionally, people usually drink coffee in their ambient time. As such, rest assured that your ad would have maximum attention from the target audience.
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