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Coffee Sleeves Marketing

Coffee Sleeves Marketing Is Ideal To Leverage Campus Advertising

Have you heard from coffee sleeves advertising?

The future of OOH Advertising
Billboards will not be an attractive advertising method. Blank billboards and cancelled digital ads across the country and many parts of the globe is a strong pointer to how the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world today has impacted sign advertising. The devastating effects of the pandemic on human lives could almost be likened to how terribly it has also dealt with businesses around the world. Some out-of-home advertising firms have withdrawn their earnings projections for the year as a result of market uncertainties at the moment. A good number of businesses that will survive the pandemic will most likely have to struggle to find their footing again. Reports also say that digital ad giants, Facebook and Google have also had their shares of the downturn. Even Coca-Cola has soft-pedaled its marketing drives.
Most digital ads creation companies have put a temporary stop on ads creation. A reasonable overview of the current crisis wrought by the COVID-19 spread shows that making new ad videos may just end up as a waste of time and money for the ad shoot companies as well as it is for the owners of the business. In the coming weeks, ad buyers in the USA will tilt towards new advertising ideas the more. All methods of advertising that serve as workable alternatives to OOH advertising will shine as saviors. And they’ll shine the more if they provide equally satisfying results for the clients.

Coffee sleeve advertising

Close to 22% of college students drink coffee of some sorts, according to a Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC) report. Further, the report added that close to 2% of the students like their coffee in cans. Interestingly, advertisers can take the opportunity to market their brands through campus advertising. This article elaborates on the methodology and benefits of the avenue.

How to approach campus advertising using coffee sleeves

Coffee drinking inside university campuses is more than just a phenomenon. It is a culture. In fact, a study conducted at the University of New Hampshire found that college students rely on coffee “to perform at their best.” Interestingly, these students have so much to do with so little time. They need to study, to drive on long road trips, to study overnight for exams and what not. It is safe to say, therefore, that this demographic is hooked to coffee.

Coffee Sleeve Advertising

Takeaway coffee cups come with a space for sleeves. Custom coffee sleeves offer an unconventional medium for growing the awareness of your brand. On the sleeves, the publisher prints your special message together with the logo of your business. Then, the advertiser distributes the coffee cups to various coffee shops situated inside the campuses. The advertiser can also distribute the coffee cups to coffee shops situated outside the campus but located at strategic places.

Stay-at-Home Ads with Pizza Box Advertising

The concerns over advertising costs existed already long before the emergence of COVID-19. Small businesses find the cost of mainstream advertising crushing. Guttmann explained in a Statista publication that the majority of small businesses in the United States in 2017 devoted less than 10,000 U.S. dollars to marketing activities. The demand for pocket-friendly advertising is not just a concern peculiar to SMEs, and it is easy to see that it is a need that will surpass the existence of COVID-19.
Now, imagine spending about $14,000-20,000/month on outdoor advertising and getting very low ROI. Compare this to spending the same amount of money on in-home focused advertising media. This is what we offer you at Adzze; an array of unique in-the-hand advertising strategies that place your brands in the hands of potential clients in their homes. Coffee sleeve advertising leverages the ad space on coffee cups that gets delivered to your audience.
The logo and message of the advertiser are printed on sleeves that protect coffee drinkers from hot coffee. The coffee cup ads are distributed to the coffee shops the advertiser selects. This tactics demonstrated improved assimilation of the advertising message since it places the brand in the hand of consumers.  Each venue distributes approx. 2,500 coffee cups/month, generating an estimated total of 1.7M impressions. Think this as small moving billboard that the audience will grab and carry it forward. This tactics  places the brand in the hand of consumers. The coffee venues deliver in the hand of the consumer generating an impact up to 70% brand lift.  The advertisement cannot be ignored as the consumer will grab it in their hands. On average, each coffee cup will provide 35 min of exposure since the coffee cup ads provide an additional exposure to other viewers who are in the surrounding. Coffee sleeves can be creative tactics for small business and deliver better results than traditional billboards with high recall rates.

Advertising on Coffee Sleeve

Why use custom coffee sleeves?

Conducting a campus advertising campaign through the coffee sleeves medium is most certain to help the business to reach deeper into target audience. According to this analysis, a single coffee shop can give out approximately 2,500 coffee cups in a month. This number could be higher in campuses with a high student population. As such, the ad is capable of attracting over 2 million impressions in the one month. This is a great leap for your business in terms of brand visibility.
In addition to brand visibility, this advertising medium guarantees high levels of brand engagement. Particularly, ads placed on coffee sleeves are hard to ignore. Once a student buys coffee, they hold the coffee cups in their hands throughout the time they take to drink the beverage. All this time, they are looking at the coffee sleeve and whatever message it contains. Additionally, people usually drink coffee in their ambient time. As such, rest assured that your ad would have maximum attention from the target audience.