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pizza advertising

Pizza Advertising: Your Ads on the Boxes

A 2015 research showed that millennial do not respond to ads. If this scenario is to play out in most of the period ahead, it will be a nightmare for advertisers. Fortunately, advertisers have access to innovative ad avenues like pizza advertising. Through the medium, the advertisers are able to overcome the challenges that traditional media experience.

Why is pizza advertising unique?

Traditional media, and even a majority of the new media, relies on the same playbook to reach target audience. Typically, ad agencies create beautiful messages and place them on billboards, TV and other platforms. For TV advertising, the messages play more than ten times per day for a whole month. On the other hand, billboards can display a single ad for three months or more. This kind of monotony and repetitiveness is what gets on the nerves of the audience. The targeting methods of pizza ads is discussed in this article: Pizza Box Advertising: Effectively Reach Consumers at Home.
Interestingly, here is where pizza advertising diverges from traditional media and other advertising alternatives. Unlike traditional media that relies on repetitiveness, advertising using pizza boxes is one off but more effective. Notably, an advertiser prints the message and the business logo on the top side of the pizza box. Then, the advertiser delivers the pizza boxes to the targeted pizzerias. From there, buyers will pick their pizzas, or the pizzeria will deliver them to the buyers’ homes. When the buyer opens the pizza to eat, he/she interacts with the ad on the box in a unique manner.
Pizza Advertising

Pizza Advertising: place your message in front of your audience

Some buyers keep pizza boxes in the house for a week. All this time, the customer will see the message on the box. Interestingly, all this exposure is likely to convince the customer to make a direct action. As a result, pizza advertising appears to be best suited for campaigns to grow brand visibility.
Recently, the Missouri Departament of Transportation run a state wide campaign promoting their ” drive sober” message in the pizza boxes: Box Top Advertising: Pizza Deliveries Are Saving Lives.

The element of surprise catches the audience’s attention

Indeed, millennial are huge fans of pizza. Therefore, using pizza boxes to advertise could be the best means to reach this demographic. Every time they buy the product, they get to interact with your brand. Important to note, the fact that your brand appears on pizza boxes gives a sweet impression to the audience. This way, the audience, especially millennial will respond to your ads better.
Advertising on pizza boxes is one of the most straightforward yet successful marketing techniques. The advertiser places the logo of the brand that needs visibility as well as the message on pizza boxes. Then, the distribution of boxes to pre-selected pizzerias, where a specific demographic of customers buy pizza. This article discuss how it can overcome digital ads: Pizza Box Marketing can be an Alternative to Overcome Pitfalls of Digital Ads
The primary trick at work here is that putting an ad on a pizza box is unconventional. There are advantages in comparison to traditional media. Typically, pizza boxes come with the logo of the pizzeria and a nice photo of a sliced pizza. Imagine the shock of a customer who finds your brand on the box instead of the familiar image! This element of surprise ensures that the audience does not ignore the message. Ultimately, conversion rates and brand visibility are very high.
On the contrary, advertising pizza is low cost. With the same rates for one 30-second TV commercial, a business can produce close 350,000 pizza boxes. These can be sent to about 200 locations where each customer will have at least 30 minutes of peaceful time with the message.

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