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grocery stores ads

Grocery Stores Ads as Indoor Advertising Tactics

Grocery Stores Ads.

When it comes to grocery stores ads, one should simply focus on supermarket advertising. Supermarket advertising involves the use of displays in various parts of the supermarket and also includes the use of shelves, register, receipts, and the shopping cart. Supermarket advertising and grocery stores ads will get your products and services seen in several cities especially if you are dealing with a franchise. Some methods of this in-store advertising technique include the use of shopping carts, shelves, receipts, and checkout dividers. Shelf display ads involve placing small placards on product shelves to promote new products or new deals. Shopping cart advertising is obvious. They are also referred to as Smart Source carts. Advertising on the back of the receipt is register receipt advertising. The most common and inexpensive grocery stores ads method is the checkout divider advertising.

Why you should opt for grocery store advertising

Let’s bounce some ideas?

Many businesses are overlooking a powerful marketing strategy in grocery store advertising. This is in-store advertising that gets to the customer while running shopping errands. It is an effective way of promoting products and services at a point of sale at a time which highly interests the customers. In 2018, the size of the overall grocery market was $632 billion. Estimates are that advertising expenditure in the US alone would amount to 2.19 billion dollars in 2019. The figure keeps going up because groceries are a necessity.

Grocery dividers are not required at this time

Grocery dividers bring order and customers use them to avoid mixing up items. You can place your ad too so that potential customers reads it. But there is one major issue. Grocery dividers are grocery stores ads that one can feel through touch. In this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the measures in place is doing away with handshakes or touching surfaces. Using a divider is equivalent to shaking several hands.

Online grocery advertising

According to statistics, the average grocery shopping trip takes 41 minutes. That is plenty of interaction time to contract the virus during the pandemic.47% of US Millennials do their grocery shopping online. This means that almost half of the population is buying things online. This why it is important for businesses to invest in online grocery advertising and cater to their customer’s needs. It is either they accept the change or ship out.