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Augmented Reality in Marketing Campaigns

Here is How Augmented Reality in Marketing Campaigns Work

Digital disruption has accelerated innovations in various fields. One of the fields affected by the digital disruptions is marketing. Today, we see brands applying augmented reality in marketing, a move that has enhanced visibility to existing customers and prospects.
According to statistics, 40% of consumers say they would pay more for a product that they could customize in AR. Besides, nearly 1 Billion people worldwide use AR in different application areas.
Are you fascinated about application of AR in marketing campaigns? You are in safe hands!
This post seeks to explain how augmented reality in marketing campaigns work. We will also explain some examples of how you can transform your marketing campaigns by simply applying AR to the campaigns. Let us jump straight in!

The Emerging Trend Of AR in Marketing Campaigns

Augmented Reality Marketing
According to Smart Insights, AR is an emerging trend within the marketing and sales strategies. Today, brands are seeking to provide their customers unique experiences at the convenience of their mobile devices. AR is one of the technologies enabling brands to target the mobile device users. Therefore, by applying AR in marketing, brands are driving sales and enhancing brand value through the mobile devices.
Here are some ways AR is transforming marketing campaigns.

1.      Provides customers Ability To Try Before They Buy

The typical customer has always wanted to try products before spending money on them. This is the reason why most fashion stores have put up fitting rooms, and automobile dealers have invited people to test drive before spending on the vehicles.
Today, we have ecommerce and people still want to try before they buy. Augmented reality enables brands to deploy “virtual fitting rooms”. Therefore, prospects can model an environment and try the vehicle, or even try new fashion before making purchase decisions. Therefore, applying AR in marketing is becoming an essential move.

2.      Augmented Branding Materials

AR has transformed business branding. Therefore, businesses are applying the technology and transforming branding materials like business cards and brochures. Today, prospects can scan printed QR codes with their mobile devices to access a wide range of features like shopping vouchers, details of your business, or even be transferred to the customized landing page. Through AR, brands like your can inject dynamic virtual elements into the text, increasing engagement.

3.      Creates a Buzz Around a Brand

Applying AR on marketing campaigns is another way of getting your target customers and prospects excited. Therefore, they end up sharing stories of your brand with friends and colleagues. Ultimately, your brand goes viral, attracting thousands of engagements that you can convert into leads and ultimately into paying customers.

Examples of Augmented Reality In Marketing

Here are some examples of how brands are using AR to transform marketing campaigns.

1.      Printing QR codes on Coffee Sleeves

QR Code on coffee sleeves

Brands that want to reach customers within certain locality are printing customized QR codes on coffee sleeves and distributing to the coffee shops near them. When customers scan the QR codes, they are redirected to the customized landing pages.

2.      QR Codes On Pharmacy Bags

Pharmacy Bag Advertisement

Brands that are in the pharmaceutical industry are printing QR codes on the pharmacy bags and targeting customers when they come to purchase medication. Therefore, customers can scan the QR code using their mobile phones, and they are able to even redeem coupon codes issued by the advertising company.

3.      Printing QR Codes On Bar Coasters

The best time to reach your target customers is when they are relaxed. A good number of patrons tend to use their phones while at the bar. Therefore, QR codes on bar coasters will most likely attract a huge amount of conversions if deployed appropriately.

1.      QR Codes On Pizza Tops

QR Code Advertising On Pizza Boxes

Another trend where we have seen AR in marketing campaigns, involves targeting Pizza lovers by printing QR codes on the pizza tops. That way, brands are able to target prospects and deliver compelling ads.
Application of augmented reality in marketing is another phenomena that will transform the marketing industry. Do not be left behind. At Adzze, we tailor marketing campaigns that convert by applying AR to enhance the experience. Contact us today for more details on how to get started.