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Augmented Reality Advertising

Get Creative with Augmented Reality Advertising!

The augmented reality advertising space is increasing rapidly. According to recent reports, the number of global active users of AR technology will reach over 800 million by the end of 2021. Statistics by Zenith UK highlights that augmented reality advertising presents brands a huge opportunity for growth. Therefore, if you have not switched to AR advertising, this is the time you switched gears to focus on AR powered advertising campaigns. In this post, we look at some of the top benefits of applying augmented reality advertising for your brand. Therefore, if you have any doubt as to why you should be using AR in your advertising, this article is definitely for you! Let’s jump straight in!

Augmented Reality Marketing

1.     Creates Memorable Experience For The Consumer

Do you know that a huge percentage of sales are based on an advertisement that a customer saw or heard? With augmented reality in advertising, brands can deliver memorable experiences, that result in thousands if not millions of conversions. Consider that augmented reality provides a unique experience, and one that the customer has not experienced elsewhere. This increases the chances of creating a strong relationship with the company that introduces new experiences.

2.     Enables Customers To Try Products Before Purchasing

Have you walked into a fashion store and seen dummies dressed up? The sellers intention is to illustrate how the outfit looks on a human body. Luckily, we have AR, a technology that allows customers to create a virtual environment or situation, and experience a simulation of how real situation will be. Therefore, customers can make purchase decisions before spending a cent on the product. That way, brands create a lasting impression, and built customers trust. However, the business has to deliver quality products in order to attain the objective.

3.     Increased Return On Investment

Brands that deploy augmented reality advertising have a huge potential for generating a huge return on the overall investment. Consider that by enabling the customer to try a product before they walk to your store, is a great experience that creates interest in the product. Based on the experience, the customer feels part of your brand, and ends up coming back to the store time and again. The same customer will spread the word to friends and relatives, bringing in additional sales to your brand. All this is just because you invested in augmented reality and established lasting relationships with tens of customers. Ultimately, you experience increase in sales, and profits grow by a huge margin.
Brands are already deploying augmented reality advertising. There are different ways you can join the bandwagon, and see your sales and profits increasing steadily. Good examples include printing QR codes on coffee sleeves, bar coasters, pharmacy bags, Pizza tops and on placemats.


Augmented reality presents a whole world of possibilities to advertisers. Are you ready to start enjoying these benefits of augmented reality advertising? Talk to professional advertising agencies, for tens of ideas on how we can enhance your advertising through augmented reality.