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Creative Ads With Augmented Reality OOH!

Creative Ads With Augmented Reality OOH!

Augmented is transforming the advertising industry in more than one ways. Brands that apply augmented reality OOH advertising are seeing an increase in conversions and attaining a huge customer retention ability. Therefore, if you are still contemplating how to use augmented reality OOH advertising, we have examples of how you can deploy effective AR powered ads.

What is Augmented Reality OOH Ads?

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on the users view of the real world, and provides a composite view.
The application of augmented reality in advertising has transformed how brands deliver customer experiences. Today, we see brands enabling their customers to try different experiences even without walking to the physical stores. Brands that have deployed augmented reality OOH effectively have realized a huge increase in conversions, and a steady growth.  So, what are some of the ways businesses can deploy effective augmented reality OOH advertising? Keep reading to discover the different ways you can deploy augmented reality OOH.

1.     QR codes on Coffee Sleeves

QR Code on coffee sleeves
Coffee sleeves are common in coffee shops and restaurants. Restaurant owners provide coffee sleeves so that they can protect their customer hands from the hot cups. Printing ads on coffee sleeves is one of the effective ways to advertise and target customers while out of home. To enhance the marketing campaigns, brands are printing QR codes on the coffee sleeves, therefore, as customers enjoy the cup of coffee, they see the QR code, and want to scan it to find out what is in the code. Ultimately, the advertisement message reaches the target customer in a cost effective and simple approach.

2.      Use Of QR Codes On Pharmacy Bags

QR Code Marketing Campaigns on the pharmacy bags
The pharmacy bags provide a huge advertising space for various brands, especially those within the pharmaceutical industry, and related businesses. Therefore, by printing the QR codes on the pharmacy bags, the brands enjoy an ability to reach the target customers while at the office or even at home. By simply scanning the QR code, the customer can read the advertisement messages, and even take the right action.

3.     QR codes On Bar Coasters

The bar coasters are common in the entertainment world. We see bar owners placing the bar coasters on the tables to guard them from the beer spills. Therefore, while customers enjoy their favorite brands, they interact with the advertisement by a way of scanning the code to see the message. Targeting customers while they are in relaxed environments like at the bar, provides a huge potential for brands to deliver the message effectively.
Augmented reality OOH advertising will continue growing at a steady rate. This is as we see top brands prosper thanks to the use of advanced technologies in marketing. In addition, startups will keep using the technology to reach their target audience. Therefore, it is clear that augmented reality OOH advertising will go far.
According to statistics, 61% of consumers say they prefer retailers with AR experiences. Therefore, it is important for businesses to realize that customers want to be able to use AR to ease their experiences when shopping online.


Are you interested in delivering the best advertisements through AR? Talk to advertising professionals near you for ads powered through augmented reality. With AR, you stand a greater chance for delivering impactful advertisements.