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QR Codes Marketing On Pizza Boxes

Best Practices Of QR Codes Marketing

QR codes marketing promotes interaction and engagement through the mobile devices. The type of marketing enables businesses to transfer information to their customers, and also to track ad engagement. Therefore, QR codes marketing enables brands to make critical decisions when it comes to marketing. For QR codes marketing to deliver the results, you need to ensure proper implementation strategy. In this post, we provide ideas of where to use QR codes in your marketing campaigns. In addition, we will review the best practices for an effective QR codes marketing campaign. Keep reading to discover the important insights.

Incorporated Augmented Reality to QR Codes Marketing

To enhance your marketing campaigns, you can incorporate AR (Augmented Reality) to QR Codes marketing. Augmented Reality QR codes are the best tools to provide data dragged from scans made by users as a key to unlock interesting insights. Creating a 3D experience over an AR environment is simply the right way to add life to your static Ads with an Augmented Reality QR code scan.
AR QR Code and Marketing
AR (Augmented Reality) QR codes are the best marketing tool to put your business in a special place in front of your potential customers. Augmented Reality experiences deliver higher brand recall and increased purchase intent. Augmented Reality QR codes placed through the flyers and print Ads make them an added attraction for viewers. AR marketing allows branded materials to be scanned, viewed and virtually augmented to make typically static elements more dynamic.

Ar how it works

How To Use QR Codes Marketing

1.     Print QR Codes On Door Hanger Advertising

QR Code Marketing
Door hanger advertising refers to the type of in-hand marketing where the advertiser hand delivers Ads to the homesteads. The hangers are placed on doorknobs, making sure the homeowner will see the advertisement. Adding a QR code on the door hanger enables the advertiser to maximize the AD space and deliver the customized ad to the target audience.

2.     Printing QR Codes on Bar coasters

Coaster QR CODE Ads

The best time to engage your audience through ads is when they are relaxed. Thus, bar coasters provides an enormous potential when it comes to reaching your target audience while they are relaxed. Printing QR codes on the bar coasters is one way of engaging the audience. Therefore, you can track ad engagement, by applying QR codes on the bar coasters.

3.     QR Codes On Coffee Sleeves

Coffee Cup Advertising

The coffee sleeves are used to protect customers hand from the hot cup of coffee. Using the coffee sleeves to advertise is a trend that has enabled brands to target effectively. To enhance the campaigns, advertiser’s print QR codes on the coffee sleeves. Thus, customers can scan the QR codes to find out the message. At the same time, the advertiser can measure ad engagement effectively.

4.     Printing QR codes On Pizza Boxes

Printing QR codes On Pizza Boxes
Another way to reach a huge audience is by advertising on the pizza boxes. To enhance your campaigns, you can incorporate QR Codes marketing. Therefore, when the customers see the QR codes on pizza boxes, they are curious to find out the message, and so they end up scanning the QR code.

5.     Pharmacy Bags

 QR codes on the pharmacy bags

Bag advertising

Advertising on pharmacy bags is one of the best ways to reach a highly targeted audience. Therefore, for the advertisers to measure engagement, they can use QR codes on the pharmacy bags. This enables them to generate leads, or even to grow the emailing list.

Best Practices For using QR Codes Marketing

1. Ensure you implement the action you promoting with the QR codes: Not fulfilling the promise will result in loss of trust, hurting your brand.
2. Ensure there is a Call-To-Action: Adding a CTA makes sure the audience knows what to do with the QR code.
3. Optimize the available space: Make sure the QR code is scannable, and not too small or too huge to scan using mobile device
4. Add Brand logo: You could print the brand logo on the material you are printing the QR code or include it on the Ad message.



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