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Creative Advertising Idea: Here Some Examples

A creative advertising idea is one that is unconventional and novel. The idea enables advertisers to reach the target audience in a way that traditional media cannot. Creative advertising is important because it helps a business achieve two things. In the first place, the idea enables an advertiser to capture the attention of a larger population. Secondly, a creative advertising idea is usually affordable. Therefore, the idea facilitates a cheap and effective advertising campaign.


Creative advertising idea

Creative advertising is essential if businesses are to growth their reach. Today more than ever before, a creative advertising idea is critical. This is because much of the traditional advertising media has become ineffective. Besides, the attention span of customers is shorter today. As such, only the creative tactics will win in the battle for attention.

Some unconventional advertising tactics that are creative

Unconventional advertising refers to low-cost advertising techniques for selling the brand of a business. What this means is that businesses display their brands to the target audience without putting ads in newspapers and billboards. Unconventional advertising is especially critical to small businesses that do not have deep pockets to fund expensive ad campaigns. Oftentimes, the unconventional advertising tactics are creative hence otherwise called guerrilla marketing methods.
Creativity in marketing is the ability to depart from the mainstream with the primary goal of netting more conversions for businesses. For starters, not any run-of-the-mill advertising agency can originate brilliant marketing ideas. As such, it is upon you to find the agency that has the capacity to generate novel advertising ideas. For example, some creative advertising ideas include using hotel key cards and even valet tickets to market your brand.
Hotel key cards and valet tickets are items that are synonymous with affluence. One can only find such items in expensive lodges, hotels, and holiday destinations. What makes these tactics unconventional advertising is, people do not expect to find an ad on hotel key cards. For a moment, one may be surprised. Interestingly, this element of surprise is what makes unconventional advertising effective.

New age marketing versus traditional marketing

New age marketing refers to the new trend in marketing where advertisers use vehicles like social media to reach customers. Besides social media, many other vehicles make up new age marketing ecosystem. They include digital platforms like Google search engine results pages (SERPs), video platforms like YouTube, among others. Simply, new age marketing entails placing ads where people spend most of their time. This means that advertisers can now reach many more customers and with better targeting.

The biggest upside of new age marketing techniques is affordability. An advertiser looking to use hotel key cards to advertise may need less than $1,000 to run a month-long campaign. In addition to affordability, the media is simple and easy to implement. On the contrary, traditional media is expensive. Also, advertisers have to navigate complex systems of procurements and red tape to kick start an ad campaign based on vehicles like billboards.

Experiential marketing beats traditional media

According to Forbes, experiential marketing is a technique that seeks to engage customers with an eye on building brand-customer experiences. This marketing method encourages customers to take up an active role in the advertising process. As a result, the brands resonate with the customer, which leads to building of brand memory. To be sure, experiential marketing is older than most of the new age marketing techniques. Nevertheless, most of the ideas that entail the technique are novel such that it is more effective compared to traditional media.
Experiential marketing is especially popular among advertisers that want to establish long-term relationships with their customers. Typically, this marketing tactic emphasizes on tapping the emotions of the customer through personal interaction. Eventually, the customer remains with brand memories that stay vivid for years. Expert advertisers understand that marketing is not just about staying true to the existing boundaries. In fact, creative advertising demands of marketers to step over any boundaries to look into the far horizons. Only this way can they find inspiration for the next great advertising idea.