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Ads on Coffee Sleeves

How to Target Millennials Using Ads on Coffee Sleeves

It is impossible to count the number of times the word ‘Millennials’ appear in pieces of commentary online. Interestingly, much of the commentary talks about the difficulties businesses face when dealing with this demographic, especially in marketing campaigns. However, while traditional media might encounter many challenges, unconventional advertising techniques like the use of coffee sleeves easily succeed.

Coffee Sleeve Advertising

Admittedly, millennials are not easy to comprehend. This is because they exist in an era of many technological marvels. Particularly, most of the advancements are central to their way of life. For example, social media is a source of information and it determines their attitudes towards brands. However, the way this demographic interacts with technology makes it difficult to advertise to them. As such, alternatives like ambient marketing where you use coffee sleeves are more effective.

How to approach advertising to millennials using coffee sleeves

According to Pew Research, a millennial is anyone whose birth years lies within the range of 1981 to 1996. This implies that this demographic includes undergraduate students to people who are maturing into their roles in life. Therefore, the first thing you need to know is where to find these people before launching your ad campaign.


The best place to start is on college campuses. For example, say you want to market your brand to millennials who are just out of college. The first thing you will do is to print coffee sleeves. In particular, the sleeves should carry the message you want to pass and the logo of your business. Secondly, you need to locate a coffee shop that serves this demographic. Therefore, the audience will be grabbing your brand in their hands every time they buy coffee.

Coffee Cup marketing

Using coffee sleeves to advertise is unconventional. For that reason, the target audience is likely to find it surprising. Interestingly, herein lies the trick. The element of surprise is the key point here since it means the audience cannot ignore the ad. Further, the ad will enjoy exposure to the audience for the period that the coffee cup remains in their hands.
This way, you will be shooting two birds with one stone. Firstly, catching the attention of millennials is not easy. However, ads on coffee cup sleeves do it effortlessly. Secondly, it is difficult to target millennials. Nonetheless, using coffee cups deliberately delivered in carefully selected coffee shops achieves the objective easily. Eventually, you will be able to raise brand engagement and to increase brand visibility without breaking a sweat.