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Billboard Advertising Pricing and Audience Targeting Calculator

Billboard Advertising Pricing and Audience Targeting Calculator

As we enter the COVID-19 era, there has been a shift in advertising methods and practices. Billboard advertising pricing is an important factor when choosing an ad agency or billboard company. Billboard companies will lose billions of dollars by the time the crisis is over. Many clients have moved on to other subway billboards marketing options because they are more cost-effective. Prices of Billboard advertising tactics are too high. Determining how much a billboard will cost and how much demand will change is a challenging task. Advertising agencies need to rethink their strategies in light of the ongoing economic fallout from COVID-19.

Reasons Why Billboard’s Cost Increase

Billboard Advertising

1.    Not targeted

Advertising on billboards is not an effective way to reach customers. Billboards for marketing will have to find other ways to reach consumers.

2.    Expensive

Putting up a billboard advertiser costs more money. Billboard advertising pricing is much higher than other advertising methods. It’s hard for a new business to keep advertising on billboards.

3.    Short attention span

People don’t pay much attention to Billboard. Billboards are often put up along roads. Only drivers and passengers are the people who see them.

In-hand Advertising Approach

In-hand promotional strategies are a viable substitute for billboard placement. The Billboard marketing tactics pricing cost may be up to 7 percent higher than flyers.

Billboard Advertising Pricing and Audience Targeting Calculator

There is one definite fact about billboard ads. Costs for this type of Billboard are extremely high in the United States and internationally. In contrast, non-traditional forms of advertising, such as in-hand promotion, are not only more cost-efficient but also significantly less expensive.
Advertisements in public spaces are more expensive. It is also challenging to measure their effectiveness.

In-hand Advertising Methods

Adverts on Sanitization Station

Advertisers can put their ads on the screens of modern hand-washing stations. Businesses can reach out to local customers more effectively with its help.

Door Hanger Marketing

To reach the target audience, branded door hangers are used. When customers go home, they interact with your brand. It assists in bringing your brand’s name to the attention of more people.

Bar Coaster Advertising

You can find bar coasters on bar tables. They’re a good way to reach customers with ads. They are also cheaper to print.

Coffee Sleeve Advertising

The best way to reach the target audience is through branded coffee sleeves. Reaching out to people who are passionate about coffee is especially important right now.

Pizza Box Advertising

The best way to reach people who don’t leave their homes is to put ads on the pizza boxes. The cost of printing the ads isn’t too high. They allow you to make a lot of money as they reach so many people.


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