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Billboard Pricing

Will Billboard Pricing Change With The Economic Recovery?

The economic shock of Coronavirus is one that will be remembered by many for a lifetime. One of the hardest hit industries was the advertising industry. The advertisement agencies announced losses as the traditional advertisement methods were no longer earning conversions. The ROI on billboard advertising remained low, and some businesses had to focus on different approaches, while billboard agencies altered billboard pricing to accommodate the shock.
Fortunately, the Coronavirus vaccination reflects a brighter future. Businesses are reopening and resuming full operations. The marketers are doubling their efforts, hoping to reach more audience. Consequently, billboard pricing will keep increasing, owing to the high demand. This is because people have resumed operations, and so billboards potential is back to high levels compared to before the pandemic.  However, billboard advertising will never be the same, and there are several reasons to support the argument. Let’s look at some reasons we believe that we are past the old days when billboard advertising worked.

Not Targeted

Billboard advertising may not offer the best solution when it comes to ensuring highly targeted adverts. Ideally, the billboards are placed at the roadsides, roundabouts and on buildings, and target the public. Moving the billboard to a strategic location is not only difficulty, but also consumes more time than it would take to move a sanitization station advert to a new location.

More Expensive Compared to In-hand Advertising

Billboard pricing is already higher than different forms of advertising. Many advertising agents charge 7X to advertise on billboards compared to advertising through in-hand approaches. Therefore, startups and small businesses looking for ways to lower the operating experiences may not be very lucky with billboard advertising.

Short Attention Span

The billboards attract a short attention span compared to coffee sleeve advertising. Consider that the target audience are often road users, who will not pay attention to distractive forms of advertising.

Advertising on Coffee Sleeves vs Billboard Pricing

The best alternative is advertising through in-hand advertising techniques. There are different in-hand advertising techniques available today. Examples include:

1.      Sanitizing Stations

Sanitizing Stations vs Billboard Pricing
This involves use of sanitizing stations that come with display screens. The advertisers place the advert so that the sanitizing station users will see the message as they sanitize the hands.

2.      Coffee Sleeve Advertising

Another popular alternative is advertising on the coffee sleeves. The advertisers print high-quality adverts and partner with coffee shops who use the coffee sleeves whenever the customer’s order coffee.

3.      Pizza Box Advertising

Pizza Box Advertising
Pizza box advertising involves printing brand logo and messages on the pizza box. The pizza tops will be used on every pizza delivery.

4.      Door Hanger Marketing

Advertising Door Hangers
Advertising on door hangers is a targeting method that focuses on showcasing the adverts to the local audience. The advertisers print high-quality labels on the door hangers, which are then distributed and hanged on doorknobs.

5.      Bar Coaster Advertising

Marijuana Advertisement with Bar Coasters
Bar coasters protect the counter tops from spills. The advertisers print brand logos and messages on these bar coasters, and distribute them to the respective restaurants. Bar coaster advertising offers highly targeting compared to billboards.


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