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Indoor Advertising with Sanitizing Stations - Promotional Advertisement

How to be Creative and use Advertising Hand Sanitizer Station

To prevent the spread of germs, health experts are advocating for the placement of hand sanitizing stations within all public places. The trend is gaining traction, in places like the shopping malls, places of worship, restaurants, retail shops, airports, and other public places now have hand sanitizer stations.
While the hand sanitization stations are becoming common, marketers have seen them as an opportunity to “shout out” their brands.  Thus, we are seeing the emergence of hand sanitization stations with digital display screens installed in different public places.  Have you thought of advertising your brand through the digital display units that come installed on the hand sanitizing stations?

To understand why you need to invest in this noble advertising idea, let me first explain how hand sanitizer advertising works.

How Does the Use of Hand Sanitizer Stations for Advertising Work?

Firstly, we have explained that the hand sanitizer stations feature an LCD digital signage screen. The digital display varies in size, and so you can order one that suits the area you need to install it. The digital display units can connect to a server network from which the advertisement content originates. The connection can be through the internet or a LAN cable. Alternatively, the display units can play adverts from internal storage. Therefore, the display units will display the content as received from the server.

Sanitizing Display


The adverts keep running and can be seen by the persons using the hand sanitizer station at any given time.
As you can see, the concept is simple. Since the majority of the people using the hand sanitization station will do so while facing the screen, the message is delivered effectively.  However, the effectiveness is also dependent on how well you implement it.

Best Practices When Advertising on Hand Sanitization  Station

Advertise on Hand sanitization Stations Serving Many People

For the sanitizer station concept to work effectively, you need to select the stations where you advertise carefully. Best places include the stations installed along sidewalks, the front entry and exit points, along the busy streets, and other high traffic places. This is to maximize the reach in order to start seeing a high return on investment.

Promotional Hand Sanitizer (1)

Ensure High-Quality Visuals

Statistics show that a high percentage of people remember that image and video content better compared to text content. Thus, the use of high-quality imagery is recommended when coming up with the adverts you intend to show at the sanitizer stations.

Keep the Message Short and Precise

We spend an average of 20 seconds at the hand sanitization stations. Thus, a short, easy to understand and precise message is recommended.

Make Your advertisement Stand Out

You want to ensure the advert is eye-catching. Therefore, the clearly defined borders and bright colors to capture the attention of the person using the sanitization station. Finally, do not forget to add your logo so that the viewers can recognize the brand easily.

Key Takeaway

Advertising on the hand sanitizer stations has proven to be an effective approach for targeting customers. Leading businesses have realized the potential that comes with advertising on hand sanitization stations. Examples of brands advertising on the hand sanitization stations include FC Dallas and Dallas Museum of Art.

Are your Ads moving and shaking?

At Adzze, we help brands to reach consumers through effective ambient advertising. We have been building capabilities and working with clients to roll out the concept of advertising on hand sanitization stations.