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This new approach is replacing subway billboards

The advertising industry is among the several industries that have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, we are seeing a huge decrease in the effectiveness of the OOH and subway billboard advertising. The reason for the huge decrease is that following the pandemic, the government is urging people to restrict themselves to essential travel only.
Moreover, we are seeing people prefer to work from home, to avoid congested workplaces. Therefore, the subways continue experiencing lower traffic, compared to the past years. In this post, we evaluate the new approach to subways billboard advertising. Keep reading to understand why subway billboards are no longer the best advertising approach.

Subway Billboards has Become a Bad Tactic

The subway billboard advertising is not a Covid sensitive advertising approach. This is because so far, the target audience has chosen to stick to only essential travel. There is a reduced number of people using public transport, which means that the subway billboards no longer earn high traffic like was the case before the pandemic.
Besides, a huge percentage of American workers are working from home. This is following the guidelines by the CDC and the local governments to close all public places, in order to curb the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, there is less congestion on the roads, meaning that people are focusing on the roads and they do not have time to look at the billboards.

Subway Billboards is Not a Covid Sensitive Approach

The subway billboards, depend on high traffic at the highways to reach a wide audience. Today, people are working from home and they are no longer traveling for leisure. Consequently, we are seeing a huge decline in the impressions earned through the various advertising techniques.
The advertisers should look for Covid sensitive advertising techniques. Here are some of the common approaches to reach a wide audience.

i)             Advertising on Sanitizing Stations

Sanitization Stations
The sanitizing stations have become a popular advertisement approach. This is considering that the sanitizing stations are placed on public areas, to ensure people sanitize regularly. Therefore, compared to the subway billboards, there is a wider reach when using the sanitizing stations to reach the target audience.

ii)           Pizza Box Marketing

Pizza box advertising
Marketing on pizza boxes involves printing advertisements on the pizza toppers and sending the toppers to targeted pizzerias. Therefore, as pizza deliveries are done, the advertisement is displayed to a potential audience. Eventually, the advertisement earns a high return on the investment.

iii)         Door Hangers

Door Hanger
Another effective approach when it comes to advertising is printing adverts on the door hangers. The door hangers are hanged on the doorknobs to reach the target audience. Therefore, this is an effective advertising method, with the potential to reach the target audience as they come back home.


During this time when the pandemic has made subway billboard advertising impossible, it is clear that advertisers should focus on COVID sensitive approaches. The best COVID sensitive advertising methods have been explained above. Talk to Adzze for the best COVID sensitive advertising approaches. AT Adzze, we present the best advertising methods to reach the target audience.