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Here the Reasons of a Billboard’s Cost Increase

The Covid-19 pandemic hit fast sending United States into a lockdown. Businesses shutdown temporarily while those that continued operations, embraced the work from home model. What followed was different sectors dealing with the effects of Covid-19.  One of the economic sectors that felt the effects of Covid-19 pandemic is the advertising sector. The billboards and other OOH advertising approaches could not generate the expected number of impressions as people worked from home.
Today, we are on the economic recovery phase, and people have begun travelling around thanks to the Covid-19 vaccine. Thus, the cost of billboards advertising is expected to increase. This is because the traffic has increased, and therefore business will pay more to reach the target audience. Unfortunately, businesses are yet to start recovering from the losses they incurred during the pandemic. That means small businesses may not be able to finance the cost of billboard advertising. Besides, billboards may not be so effective compared to in-hand advertising methods. here are some reasons not to trust billboards when it comes to reaching the target audience.

·         None Targeted Advertising

Billboard advertising is not an effective method when it comes to targeting customers. consider that a billboard on the highway, broadcasts the advertisement message, which means the advertiser could be using his resources to advertise to audience who may not convert. Consider that moving a billboard to a different location is not as easy, and may require printing another banner. Thus, billboard advertising is not the best approach when it comes to delivering targeted campaigns.

·         Expensive

The cost of putting up a billboard is higher compared to how much you spend to advertise on coffee sleeves or even the bar coasters. Therefore, it is difficult for a startup to sustain billboard advertising.  Moreover, at this time when businesses are trying to save and ensure they can do more with limited budget, billboard advertising is not an option.

Billboard costs vs. In-Hand Advertising

·         Billboards Generate Shorter Attention Span

Another shortcoming when it comes to advertising through use of billboards is that the attention span is limited. Often, the billboards are placed on roadsides, and so the target audience is drivers and the passengers. Therefore, one would have to stop, and pay attention to the billboard, for the message to sink deep. The short attention span works against building brand awareness through use of billboards.

In-hand Advertising Approach

A good alternative to billboard advertising is the use of in-hand advertising approaches. Therefore, businesses can place the brand name on the hands of the targeted consumer. In addition, billboard advertising could cost 7% more than the cost of in-hand adverts.

Advertising is Changing

The different in-hand advertising methods are:

Adverts on Sanitization Station: Modern sanitization stations feature an ads display that advertisers can place adverts on. The sanitization stations allow businesses to target local audience effectively.
Coffee Sleeve Advertising: Coffee shops are open to the public, and there is no better time to target the coffee lovers than at this time. The best approach is through using branded coffee sleeves to reach the target audience.
Pizza Box Advertising: When it comes to reaching stay at home customers, the best approach is through adverts on the Pizza box tops. The cost of printing the adverts is relatively low, and provides an opportunity to earn big in terms of reach.
Door Hanger Marketing: The approach involves the use of branded door hangers to reach the target audience. Thus, when customer come back home, they interact with your brand, which means you are earning greater brand awareness.
Bar Coaster Advertising: Bar coasters are found on bar tables and the countertops. They are a good tool to reach the patrons through adverts, and they cost less to print.
We have looked at some of the top in-hand adverting approaches. Talk to Adzze for effective in-hand advertising. We provide our customers custom approaches when it comes to delivering the adverts.