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Coffee Cup Sleeve Advertising

Why Coffee Cup Sleeve Advertising is the Right Media During the Crisis

The traditional advertising methods continue to take a massive hit as people choose to stay indoors and minimize travel. Therefore, businesses are forced to develop new ways to reach target customers while at home or workplace.

What is In-Hand advertising

Did you know that coffee cup sleeve advertising is an effective in-hand advertising method? The approach is quite simple. All advertisers need is to add a special advertisement message on the coffee sleeves.
Before we look at best practices for implementing coffee cup sleeve advertising, I wanted to look at different reasons traditional advertisements will no longer be best to reach your customers.


Companies Are Encouraging Staff to Work From Home.

Traditional advertising methods like erecting billboards and subways advertising perform best when the traffic is high. As organizations like Facebook and Google encourage their staff to keep working from home even post the pandemic, the chances are that billboards and subway advertisements will no longer serve the intended purpose.

Public health Officials are Advocating for Only Essential Travel.

Earlier in 2020, we saw governments enforcing lockdowns globally. This was in order to control the spread of deadly viruses. People are beginning to get accustomed to staying at home and avoiding none essential travel. Therefore, advertisers have to look for the best ways to deliver adverts to the stay-at-home audience.
Coffee sleeve advertising refers to the placement of sleeves with printed marketing messages to reach target customers effectively. Therefore, when customers are taking coffee at restaurants or ordering take away coffee at favorite restaurants, they will see your brand logo and advertising message on the coffee sleeves. This is a practical approach to deliver adverts compared to traditional advertisement methods like a billboard or even advertising on subways during the global pandemic.

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Why is Coffee Cup Sleeve advertising Effective?

There are several reasons to embrace coffee sleeve advertising. Let us evaluate the simple logic to turn to coffee cup sleeve advertising.

Increased Brand and Product Awareness

One of the top reasons to embrace in-hand advertisement approaches like coffee sleeve advertising is the ability to achieve an increased brand and product awareness. Therefore, if your target audience consists of coffee lovers, you are assured that your advertisement will be reaching a broad audience.

Stand Out of the Competition

With the increased competition, businesses need to consider alternative advertisement methods to stand out from the competition. Adverts on coffee cup sleeves stand out from what your competitors are doing. This gives your business an edge over the competition.

Increased Reach as Consumers Share Fun Moments

Modern consumers like sharing fun moments through digital media. This includes sharing statuses on social media. As your customers enjoy the coffee and sharing images on social media, your message will be broadcasted to the followers. This gives you a competitive edge over the competition.
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