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Coffee Cup Sleeves advertising

How To use Coffee cup Sleeves to Market Your Brand

As the global economies continue to feel the effects of COVID 19, advertisement as an industry has not been spared. Advertisers are struggling to get their brand message to the target consumers. This is considering that governments are emphasizing work from home initiatives, and less movement of people to help control the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, the traditional approaches like the use of billboards and advertising on subways are no longer as effective as they were before the pandemic.

In-the-Hand Advertising

Are you looking for a way to target a broad range of potential customers? Take advantage of In-hand-advertising techniques like coffee cup sleeves, to reach the target consumers.

How do Adverts on Coffee Cup Sleeves Work?

Coffee Sleeves Marketing
Coffee sleeves can help businesses to deliver their brand to the hands of a potential consumer.  The brand logo and advertising message are printed on coffee cup sleeves. The coffee cup sleeves are distributed to selected coffee shops. Thus, as the coffee shop attendants deliver or sell coffee at the shop, the branded coffee sleeves are given out. The tactic places the brand in the hands of the consumer. This is an effective advertising method, which targets consumers ensuring the message is delivered to potential consumers. Moreover, as the consumer enjoys the cup of coffee, the consumer and those around, interact with the message repeatedly. The coffee sleeves can be delivered to Delis, convenient stores, and high-end coffee shops.

Why Coffee cup is Sleeves is a Good Advertising Approach

Coffee cup advertising


Advertising budget costs businesses so much. Sometimes, the advertisement cost takes over 80% of the overall marketing budget. Thus, for marketing managers looking for ways to ensure cost-effective advertising and attain high conversions, advertising on coffee cup sleeves is the best approach. This is compared to expensive approaches like advertising in newspapers and Television.

Reliable Advertising Method

Traditional advertising methods have become unreliable. This is especially in such uncertain times when the Coronavirus pandemic is resulting in restricted movements. As a result, some states are advising people to work from home, limiting human traffic in towns and cities. Thus, a more reliable advertising approach like the use of coffee sleeves helps the advertisers to reach target customers even while at home. For instance, let us assume you are selling laptops and targeting people in your neighborhoods. You could collaborate with a coffee shop that delivers favorite drinks to people working from home helps to deliver the message to the target audience. This has the potential to get more online orders from the target consumers.

Enjoy a high Response Rate

Coffee sleeves advertising allows brands to earn increased visibility. This is considering that those taking the coffee, as well as those around them, will see the advert. Consequently, you earn a high number of impressions.
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