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What Is DOOH Advertising And Why Does It Work?

What Is DOOH Advertising And Why Does It Work?

Brands and advertising agencies are being compelled to reevaluate the present advertising strategies they are employing as the severe economic impact of Corona virus continues to ripple through the economy. Adzze has been rethinking its strategies and adjusting its approach to communicate more sensitively. The operations staff is hard at work expanding its reach to provide advertising tactics to reach customers where they feel most comfortable, in their homes.

DOOH Advertising

What is DOOH advertising

DOOH Media is launching a brand-new advertising solution that is streamlined and appealing in equal measure to its effectiveness. Digital displays can be integrated into either the freestanding or wall-mounted configurations of these hand sanitizers. DOOH media is switching to hand sanitizer digital display.
Sanitizers can be dispensed either in gel, foam, or liquid from the built-in auto-dispensers in each unit. However, some are not automatic, so you must push the appropriate button to get the hand sanitizer.

Advantages of DOOH Advertising

Because they are difficult to track, traditional OOH advertisements make it challenging for advertisers to deploy effective ads. As a result, companies need to transition to augmented reality out-of-home advertising. The method in which we conduct business has been significantly altered as a result of the introduction of the technology known as augmented reality. AR makes corporate operations more efficient, which in turn helps companies ensure they are providing customers with value. Enhanced advertising is one of the ways that augmented reality has proved beneficial in business.

5 Great Augmented Reality Advertising Examples For Your Business

1.    Enables Users to Communicate with a Large Number of Other Users.

Sanitizing one’s hands frequently has developed into a standard practice. As a result, hand sanitizing stations are being utilized daily by people. The hand sanitizers have been stationed at key locations across the facility. Because of this, it will be difficult for anyone entering or exiting a public venue to avoid passing by the hand sanitizer. In this sense, the advertisers successfully communicate with over 80 percent of their intended customer base.

2.    Display Screens of Exceptional Quality capture consumers’ Attention.

The display screens at the sanitation stations are of an exceptionally high caliber. Advertisers can efficiently attract their targeted clients’ attention by utilizing high-quality graphics. In the end, the message is sent accurately, and the consumer will have an easier time remembering the message in the days and weeks to follow. The future of AR OOH Advertising is going to be remarkable.

Reasons You Should Try AR OOH Ads

The use of augmented reality in out-of-home advertising has the potential to improve the number of interactions and engagements with adverts. A few additional reasons to use AR OOH ads are as follows:
  1. AR Bridges the Gap between Traditional and Digital Advertising
  2. AR OOH Ads Enable Ad tracking
  3. Increased Ad Engagements and Interaction

Build with Us

Adzze can do this kind of DOOH advertising. At Adzze, we are working with clients and the idea will be released soon. Contact us if interested, and we’ll be happy to answer.

To Wrap Up

Digital displays are an invaluable resource for conveying specific messages to certain audiences. In addition, the displays have a one-of-a-kind appearance, enabling them to draw the attention of those walking by. Customers are drawn in by the distinctive appearance of the hand-washing stations, and while they use the station, they can read the displayed advertisement.