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The Future of AR OOH Advertising

The Future of AR OOH Advertising

According to 2020 statistics on augmented reality, consumer spending on AR accounted for a 37.4% share of the global AR customer market. By the end of 2022, over 25% of the world’s population will be using AR.   A report indicates that 44% of consumers under 40 have used the AR technology for shopping. If the statistics is anything to go by, marketers need to embrace AR for their marketing campaigns. Like any other technologies, AR ooh advertising is evolving fast. In this post, we look at application of AR in OOH advertising, and cover the future trends of AR in Advertising. Keep reading for more detail and insights on how you can take advantage of AR to enhance your marketing campaigns.

1.     OOH Will Become More Digital

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Out of home advertising features a more traditional approach rather than digital forms of advertising. Today, advertisers are shifting towards AR OOH advertising and delivering highly converting advertisements.  For instance, we have seen advertisers printing QR codes on the posters, billboards, brochures, and other traditional advertising methods. Therefore, we will see more advertisers using QR codes on the traditional forms of advertising. That way, the advertisers will be able to reach a wider audience, and attain higher conversion rates.

2.     AR Will Enable Higher Engagements and Tracking

Businesses that use AR OOH advertising will achieve a higher engagement rate. Consider that over 66% of world’s population has a mobile device. Therefore, the use of AR OOH advertising will enable businesses to reach a wider audience, which means more engagements.

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What is more fascinating about the use of AR on OOH advertising is the ability to track engagements generate. Consider that for every QR code scan, the advertiser can tell who scanned the code, and the action he or she took.
Therefore, one of the trends that we will experience when it comes to AR OOH advertising is the use of technology to track conversions. Ultimately, marketers will be able to deliver better-targeted adverts, as they will generate more insightful data thanks to AR.

3.     AR Will Enable Higher Brand Recall

AR powered OOH advertising will attract a higher brand recall. This is because through AR OOH advertising, the advertisers deliver a unique experience to their target audience. For instance, through AR OOH advertising, the advertisers can deliver coupons and discount codes to their target audience. Therefore, it is much easier for the customers to remember a brand, after receiving a surprise through a simple QR code on a brochure or on any other out of home advertisement.


Traditional OOH advertising is expensive and untargeted. For example, putting up a billboard will cost a huge amount of money. Moreover, the advertisement may not reach the intended audience. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the advertisers to target, while the return on investment is not good.
However, using AR OOH advertising provides the advertisers a huge potential for doubling the returns on investment, within a shorter period. In that regard, it is important that advertisers switch to AR OOH advertising, for an opportunity to increase their returns.