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DOOH is changing to Hand Sanitizer Digital Display

Earlier this year, DOOH Media Solutions Inc launched a new model of hand sanitizer dispense with a digital display unit. While announcing the initiative, DOOH Media Solutions President AND Co-founder Ken J., announced that the new line of sleek freestanding and wall mountable hand sanitizer is part of the companies response to COVID-19. The new hand sanitizing solution is a perfect solution for high-traffic public locations.
The addition of a digital display on the hand sanitizer dispenser provides a great opportunity for sending informational and advertisement messages. From the marketing perspective, the creative concept will help brands to deliver perfectly targeted campaigns.  The hand sanitization station is suitable for use at airports, shopping malls, public offices, commercial buildings, movie theatres, and other retail settings.

How can marketers Use digital displays?

Advertising through digital displays allows marketers to present marketing messages to their target customers. In the case of hand sanitization stations, the advertisers are targeting consumers as they sanitize their hands. Thus, over 80% of people using the hand sanitizers will see the adverts. Therefore, this is an effective approach for targeting your consumers.

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The advertising method is still seen as a new concept. However, advertising on digital displays has been around for many years. However, the difference is that in this case we are targeting consumers as they use the hand sanitizer, which has become a common phenomenon nowadays. Therefore, there is guarantee you will receive consumer attention, compared to advertising on places where there is little attention. Remember that hand sanitizing has earned recommendations from health experts and even the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Thus, it is expected that hand sanitization stations will be receiving high human traffic. This makes the advertising method more effective compared to advertising through digital displays placed at roundabouts or sports fields.

What Makes the Digital displays Effective?

Allows Users To Reach High Number of Users

Hand sanitization has become a way of life, especially in this world of viruses and bacteria. Thus, as a collective responsibility, people are using hand sanitization stations on a daily basis. The sanitizers are placed at strategic points such as entry and exit points. This makes it hard for anyone entering public places or leaving to miss the sanitizer. In that regard, the advertisers are reaching over 80% of their target consumers.

The High-quality Display Screens Grab consumers Attention

The sanitization stations feature high-quality display screens. Using high-quality imagery, the advertisers grab the attention of targeted customers effectively. In the end, the message is delivered effectively, while it becomes easier for the consumer to recall the message in the future.
The digital displays are a great resource when it comes to delivering targeted messages. Moreover, the displays are designed uniquely, which makes them attract the attention off on passers. Thus, the unique-looking sanitization stations attract consumers and as they sanitize, they get a chance to look at the advertisement message.
At Adzze, we are working with clients and we will soon roll out the concept. If you are interested, reach out to us and we will be glad to respond.