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How DOOH Media Is Switching To Hand Sanitizer Digital Display

A few years back, some marketers would probably scoff at the idea of merging hand sanitizer stands with digital ad displays. Quite all right, hand sanitizers were placed at strategic positions in public places where people could go and get their hands sanitized of germs with a squirt from the dispenser. However, it wasn`t popular practice to use hand sanitizers as often as we do today. The spate of the health crisis, which has escalated into a global phenomenon over the years, has raised a rapt awareness for public health and hygiene in the world we live in today.
This trend, on one hand, has led to a shocking rise in the daily usage of hand sanitizers. The proliferation of new hand sanitizer stands at several high traffic locations in our cities is proof of this. On the other hand, the trend has aroused the growing interest of keen marketers to the potential present in hand sanitizer stands. Digital out-of-home media, has before now, focused on large screens, and billboards to display ads and reach customers. Today, the narrative is different.

Best Practices In The Industry

With hand sanitizer stations, DOOH Media introduces a new advertising solution that is both sleek and effective in its appeal. These hand sanitizers can be freestanding or wall-mountable and have digital displays. Each unit has a built-in auto-dispenser, which sends out the sanitizers in gel, foam, or liquid form. Some are, however, not automated, and will need to be pressed before the sanitizer is dispensed. These digital signs are usually managed using specialized digital signage software, which is mostly cloud-based.


Ads on Sanitizing Displays
Because the ads are digital, companies have the liberty of displaying a variety of messages, ranging from public health tips to actual ads and promotional content. The idea is to promote public health while also promoting engagement with the public, which is ultimately aimed at converting prospects into customers. Hand sanitizer digital displays are perfect advertising solutions for high-traffic locations such as malls, hospitals, schools, hotels, and other commercial buildings.
The catch with this method of advertising is the chance to display ads to people as they head over to the dispensers for a squirt. As they get free sanitizers, they are simultaneously served with ad contents on the screens. These screens are mostly 21.5-inch digital signage displays, which means that they are hard to miss. Hand sanitizers are part of our culture now. And invariably, they will be here for quite a while, even after the pandemic subsides. This makes companies that subscribe to this tactic both wise and smart. It exemplifies adapting advertising strategies in line with current social trends.
Judging by the number of digital hand sanitizer dispenser solutions being rolled out on a weekly basis, we can indeed, safely say that the option has paid off for brands that have deployed this technique. One obvious factor – which has contributed to its fast growth – is the affordability of the method to many companies.