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The Reasons You Should Try AR OOH Ads

Augmented reality is a technology that has helped to transform the way we do business. Through AR, businesses operate more efficiently, ensuring they deliver value to their customers. One of the ways AR has become useful in business is enhanced advertising.
Do you know that 38% of companies are using AR to deliver immersive shopping experience to their customers? In addition, two thirds of shoppers think that AR would help them make a better buying decision. Therefore, businesses need to rethink how they advertise. One of the best approaches for reaching the target audience is use of AR OOH Ads.
In this post, we examine the reasons you should try AR OOH Ads when it comes to reaching your target audience. Keep reading for more insights on how AR OOH Ads will help your business.

1.     AR Bridges The Gap Between Traditional and Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Use of AR OOH Ads enables advertisers to use the latest technology to reach their target audience. For instance, an advertiser can put up posters bearing a QR code. Therefore, when the targeted audience scans the QR code using the mobile phone, they can land to the advertiser’s website. By simply using augmented reality to power OOH adverts, the advertiser enjoys the power of digital connections with the audience. Therefore, through AR OOH ads, the advertiser can increase engagements on his social media ads, or even increase traffic to his website.

2.     AR OOH Ads Enable Ad tracking

Tracking conversions achieved through a billboard advertisement or a subway advertisement is not easy. Although the advertiser can ensure placement of ads at a strategic location, it is not easy for the advertiser to estimate the number of conversions through the same advertisement. However, using AR OOH ads makes it easier for the advertisers to track ads conversion potential. For instance, if a poster has a QR code on it, the advertiser can tell how many people have scanned the QR code appearing on the actual advertisement. That way, it becomes easier for advertisers to determine which advertising strategies work better compared to the others.

3.     Increased Ad Engagements and Interaction

Using AR OOH ads, has the potential to increase Ad engagements and interaction. However, the advertiser must portray the advert in an engaging manner. For instance, ensure there is a clear call to action, so that the targeted audience scans the QR code that is printed on the advert. Moreover, the advertiser should make sure there is a valuable outcome whenever the targeted audience scans the QR code.
That way, the AR OOH Ads stand a better chance for generating more interactions and engagements. However, using the traditional OOH advertising it is difficult for the advertisers to increase and measure interactions.


When it comes to running OOH ads, it is difficult for the advertisers to track Ad engagements. Therefore, advertisers often end up not achieving the desired outcome. With AR OOH ads, it is much easier for the advertisers to attain the target, since they can track conversions, and work on the adverts to improve the results.