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Guerilla marketing definition

Guerilla marketing definition: here the key concepts

Are you tired of marketing methods that just do not work? The choice of marketing methods is critical to your marketing projects. Therefore, you have to adopt the marketing methods that lead to a high conversion rate. How about switching to Guerilla marketing? But first, let’s look at guerilla marketing definition to understand how it works and the methods to be used.
Guerilla marketing refers to a tactic where the marketers use unconventional interactions promoting their products or services. Therefore, guerilla marketing uses innovative, surprising tactics to capture the attention of the target audience. Marketers first introduced the term Guerilla marketing in the 1980s as a marketing tactic focusing on investing time and energy, and creativity in a campaign.
Guerilla marketing tactics feature the use of unconventional communications, often via unexpected places. Therefore, with guerilla marketing, marketing managers can focus on low-cost strategies to achieve a high-impact impression.

Why is Guerilla Marketing More Effective Compared to Traditional Marketing?

Having looked at guerilla marketing definition, we now evaluate why the marketing method is more effective than traditional marketing. Let us jump into it!

Ability to Reach a Wider Audience At Minimal or No Cost

Guerilla marketing relies on at-hand promotions. For instance, a door hanging or a branded pizza top will reach a greater audience as the target customers share the message via social media and with their close friends, family members, or colleagues. Therefore, with guerilla marketing, the marketing message spreads through a viral marketing strategy, making it an excellent method to reach a broad audience.

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Being a cost-effective marketing approach, guerilla marketing is ideal for small startups or marketers with a limited budget. The reason why it is a cost-effective approach is that the marketing message teaches a broader audience. Therefore, the marketer can reach a greater audience without necessarily topping up their marketing budget.

Leaves a Lasting Impression

Guerilla marketing is the best way marketers can create a lasting impression on their target audience’s minds. Bear in mind that the purpose of guerilla marketing is to enter the subconscious of people. Therefore, guerilla serves the purpose better compared to conventional advertising methods.

High Return on Investment

Are you at loggerheads with your chief financial officer regarding the low return from your previous marketing projects? Probably you should give guerilla marketing a trial. The method of marketing provides a high return on investment. This is because of the ability to reach a broad audience while spending a low budget.

What Are the Examples of Guerilla Marketing?

Pizza Box Top Advertising

The pizza box top advertising is a unique guerilla-marketing example that allows marketers to reach their audience while still at home. The advertiser prints an advert on the pizza boxes often referred to as pizza toppers and shipped to strategically chosen pizzerias. The pizza delivery van delivers the pizza with the advert on the box in the target audience’s hands.

Pizza Box Advertising Ideas

Coffee sleeves

The advertiser’s logo and the message are printed on the sleeves that advertisers use for protecting coffee drinkers from the hot coffee. The coffee sleeves are distributed to chosen coffee shops.

coffee sleeves advertising

Sanitizing Stations

Sanitizing stations have become a high traffic area following the Covid-19 pandemic. Advertisers are using branded sanitization stations to reach their target audience. The method has a broad reach, and it is a low-cost advertising approach.

Sanitizing Stations: creative tactics for Medspa Marketing

Bar Advertising

The approach leverages printed coasters hence reaching the target audience who frequent the relaxing environment. The advertiser’s logo and the marketing message are printed on the coasters and distributed to the selected venues.

Pharmacy Bags

Advertising on pharmacy bags works just like it sounds. Essentially, the advertisers print a custom message and distribute it to targeted pharmacies. The message is delivered to the target audience upon purchasing from the pharmacy.



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