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Guerilla Ad Concepts

Why Guerilla Ad Concepts are Evolving with the Economic Crisis

The traditional advertising methods like subway advertising and billboard placements are no longer useful. This is following the global pandemic, which has seen health officials advise people to stay indoors and limit unnecessary travel to curb the spread of deadly viruses.  Companies are encouraging their staff to turn to work from home practices. As a result, we see a lower number of commuters turning up at the subways. Moreover, parents are changing to study online.
With the threats that Coronavirus has had on humanity, things may never get back to normalcy. For advertisers, we may have a hard time trying to reach their target customers. A change of strategy is necessary for businesses to reach the target audience effectively.  In this post, we elaborate on why Guerilla Ad concepts are evolving with the globaleconomic crisis. Are you contemplating the adoption of guerilla ad concepts but lack the motivation to do so? Here are the benefits of using guerilla ad concepts.

Guerilla Ad

Low-Cost Advertising Concept

Businesses are struggling as the effects brought about by the coronavirus pandemic continue to hit harder. Therefore, it’s most likely that a majority of organizations are no longer able to fund operations. Marketing marketers are faced with a lower advertising budget. The only strategy is to minimize costs. Lower cost advertising concepts will help organizations to cope with the challenging economic times. Guerilla Ad Concepts lets your business have the job done while the spent amount is minimal. Besides, guerilla ads concepts reach a broad audience at a fraction of what the traditional TV adverts will cost.

Targets Emotions

The Guerilla Ad Concepts are interactive and targets the audience’s emotions. Emotions do have a substantial impact on the buyer’s decisions. Through strategic guerilla Ads concepts, brands can stimulate greater emotional strength receiving a higher impression rate than the traditional adverts approach.

Creates the Last Impression

 A significant advantage of the guerilla ads concept is that the adverts are memorable. Remember that with guerilla marketing strategies, the audience does not have the option to change the channel or switch on the AdBlocker, like its standard with the traditional advertising methods. Thus, the ability to reach a high impression rate makes the guerilla advertising strategies the best approach.

Go Viral

Guerilla Ad concepts are an excellent approach to reach the target audience, as the audience will most likely share with others. Therefore, in executing an advertisement by targeting a potential customer, you end up going thousands of potential customers ready to buy.


Choose the guerilla ad concepts today and begin to enjoy many impressions with every advertisement shared. AT Adzze, we are working with dozens of business marketers to reach target customers through effective in-hand advertising methods. Reach out to us for assistance.