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Grocery Divider Advertising

Is Grocery Divider Advertising a Good Marketing Tactics?

You can place your brand on grocery divider and make them alive with Augmented Reality!

Grocery divider helps ensure order in the shopping cart and at the checkout lane. Besides, marketers use the grocery divider to advertise their brand. Grocery divider advertising is becoming common, based on its effectiveness in targeting the customers. To understand how effective grocery divider advertising is, let us look at how the method of advertising works.

How Grocery Divider Advertising Works

The approach is simple! All that the marketers do is to identify the potential grocery stores based on whom they are targeting. Upon identifying the best grocery stores, the advertisers will print a customized message, and add the printouts on the grocery dividers. Therefore, while the shoppers use the grocery divider to ensure some order in the shopping cart or at the checkout lane, they interact with the advertisement directly.
Therefore, grocery divider advertising is effective in getting the marketing message to the customer, at the time when the targeted customer is most likely to make a purchase. This makes the advertising method much more effective compared to putting billboards on the roadsides.

Grocery Divider - Good Marketing Tactics

Incorporated Augmented Reality to Grocery Divider

Now you can incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) to your advertising materials adding life to your ads. Augmented reality prints have enables brands to track conversions on their traditional advertising methods. Experts expect that the trend will keep growing, and that many brands will keep enjoying the convenience offered by this modern advertising. According to a recent study, the era of Augmented Reality (AR) advertising and marketing will continue to the future.

Why Advertising with AR - Door Hanger Advertisements

According to statistics, 40% of consumers say they would pay more for a product that they could customize in Augmented Reality. When it comes to ad conversion rate, it depends on how impressive your advertisement is. Interacting with your product through AR advertising lets them be clear about what they will have in real life. It also increases the satisfaction and goodwill of a brand.

Ar how it works - Grocery Divider Advertising

Grocery Divider Advertising vs. Billboard Advertising

Do you remember the last time you looked at a billboard? Perhaps you recall seeing the billboard, but you do not actually recall the message.  While billboard advertising has been around for decades, its effectiveness is reducing annually. Consider that people are getting busier; with others choosing to work from home. Therefore, there is limited time left to drive through towns, meaning less interaction with outdoor advertising like billboards.
On the other side, the same people must eat, and so they visit the grocery store at least twice in a week. While at the grocery store, they interact with grocery dividers, meaning that the target audience will see the advertisement message.

Are your Ads moving and shaking?

Another point of consideration when comparing the billboard advertising to grocery divider advertising is cost involved. Putting up a billboard at the major highways is expensive. With just a small fraction of the cost of putting up a billboard, the advertiser can put up grocery divider adverts in different supermarkets within the targeted localities. The brand exposure is larger, maximizing the opportunities for converting the target audience into buyers.

What Are the Benefits of Grocery Divider Advertising?

Grocery Divider Advertising offers multiple benefits. Here is an overview of some of these benefits.

 Minimal Spend to Set Up

The cost of grocery divider advertising is a small fraction of the cost of putting up billboards or subway adverts. Therefore, grocery divider advertising is the best choice for small and medium businesses with minimal marketing budget.

 Effective Targeting

Grocery divider advertising allows the advertisers to target the group of buyers more likely to make a purchase. For instance, if you are targeting low-income earners, the marketer just needs to identify the grocery stores frequented by these buyers. With customized advert, the marketer can convince them to try the product.

 Guaranteed to be seen

Another top advantage of grocery divider advertising is the guarantee that the target audience will see the advertisement. This is because the grocery divider will be moved by hand; hence, it is effective advertising method. The advertiser enjoys exclusive name recognition from the high-quality audience.


Are you after a cost effective advertising method? Try grocery divider advertising for the best results. At Adzze,  we provide advanced techniques for effective grocery divider advertising. Contact us today for the best results when it comes to grocery divider advertising and other indoor advertising methods.

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