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QR Code Marketing Campaigns on the pharmacy bags

Here Why you Should Run QR Code Marketing Campaigns

QR code marketing campaigns have become a popular phenomena today. We see businesses using QR codes on the traditional advertisement methods, as well as the modern advertisement methods. These businesses are reaping huge benefits by simply attaching the QR codes on the various advertisement methods. in this post, we look at the different types of QR code marketing campaigns. Therefore, if you are wondering how you can deploy QR code marketing campaigns, here are some great ideas for your inspiration.

QR code on pharmacy bags

QR Code Advertising Campaigns
Pharmacy bag advertising is one of the in-hand marketing campaigns. To enhance the campaign, you can print QR codes on the pharmacy bags. Therefore, when the customers scan the QR code, you can collect their data, and target them with future advertising campaigns.

Printing QR codes On Coffee sleeves

QR Code on coffee sleeves
Coffee Sleeves protect the customers hands from the hot cups. These coffee sleeves, offer a great potential when it comes to advertising. To enhance the advertisement, you may print the QR code on the coffee sleeves. Therefore, when the target audience will scan the advertisement, they can be directed to your website, where they can find additional information about your business.

QR Codes on Bar Coasters

Coaster QR CODE Ads

Bar coasters feature at the bar tables, and they are used in the same way we use placemats. Therefore, printing QR codes with an advertisement message on the bar coasters offers a great potential for reaching the target audience.
We have looked at three examples of how to enhance your in-hand advertising campaigns by simply printing the QR codes on your advertisement. Other ambient advertising ideas include Door hangers and Pizza boxes.
So, what are the benefits of using QR codes on the different in-hand advertising techniques? Here are some of the greatest benefits you stand to enjoy when you print the adverts on the pizza boxes.

QR Codes Marketing On Pizza Boxes

·         Collect First-Party Data Effectively

One of the top benefits when you use the QR code marketing campaigns is the ability to collect customer data. Let us say you want to grow your emailing list. The QR codes on different in-hand advertising techniques provide a great benefit to your business. To collect the data, add a link to a landing page so that whenever the customer scans the QR code, they enter the email address before proceeding to the website.

·         Track Marketing Campaigns

QR code marketing campaigns provide a great potential when it comes to tracking engagements. Let us say you want to know how many people scan your advertisement. You can simply know this if you have a tracking method on the landing page.

·         Send Coupons To Target Customers

QR codes can carry important data such as the coupons. Therefore, when you share the QR code through the ambient advertising methods listed above, the customers will find it, and head to your store to redeem the coupon.

·         Connect With the Target Audience

Are you wondering how you can connect with the potential customers? Try QR code marketing campaigns. Print QR codes on the different ambient advertising methods and distribute them as per your target audience. For instance, if you are targeting coffee lovers, you can use QR codes on coffee sleeves. When the customers scan the QR code, you can direct them to your social media platform, or request them to signup for your weekly newsletter.


At Adzze, we provide QR code marketing campaigns. Therefore, if you are looking to enhance In-Hand advertising materials (door hangers, bar coasters, pharmacy bags, pizza boxes, coffee sleeves) through QR code marketing campaigns, contact us!