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QR Code Advertising Campaigns

Best Practices of QR Code Advertising Campaigns

As the number of mobile device users continues increasing, we are seeing improved technologies introduced. One of the technologies that we cannot afford to overlook is use of QR code. Today, QR codes are being applied in various ways. One application area that has brought a huge effect to businesses is QR code advertising campaigns. Since their introduction, QR code advertising campaigns have proven to be of great value to the modern businesses.  Today, we see business advertisers using QR codes on different in-hand advertisements. So, how are QR codes used in advertising?

Different Forms Of QR Code Advertising Campaigns

The different forms of QR code advertising campaigns involve printing QR code on door hangers, bar coasters, pharmacy bags, pizza boxes, and even on coffee sleeves. Therefore, the advertisers print QR codes on the different in-hand advertising approaches. When the advert reaches the targeted consumer, they are attracted to scan the QR code. Therefore, the person scanning is directed to a particular landing page or can see the advertisement message. When the target audience takes the desired action, it is counted as a conversion.

QR Code Marketing

What Are the Benefits of QR Code Advertising Campaigns?

QR code advertising campaigns deliver a wide range of benefits to the target user. Here is an overview of some of the benefits of using the QR code advertising campaigns.

To Conduct Customer Surveys

One of the top reasons businesses use the QR code advertising campaigns is conducting surveys. Therefore, when the target customer scans the QR code, he is directed to the survey page, where he answers a set of questions.

Deliver Coupons to The Target Customers

QR codes are used to carry coupon codes that can be used by the target audience the next time they are shopping. For instance, if you run a fashion store and you want to increase sales during the upcoming holidays, you can partner with the local pizzeria and print QR codes bearing the coupon codes.

QR Code Advertising On Pizza Boxes

Deliver Interactive Ads

Another way to use QR codes is delivering interactive advertisements to your audience. Examples of interactive ads include Quizzes, and online gaming, intended to collect important data or drive engagements.

Track Advertisements

The greatest advantage of using QR code advertising campaigns is the ability to track the advertisement engagements. Therefore, the advertiser can be able to measure advert engagements, by recording the number of people who scanned the advertisement on a particular day.


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